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Startups take centre stage at the Genoa Boat Show

Genoa Boat Show is one of a number of yacht shows that have chosen to showcase local startups in 2022, with the Cannes Yachting Festival spearheading a similar initiative.

Research and innovation were at the forefront of conversation at the Blue Pavilion of the Genoa Boat Show. The program was opened with a technical seminar titled “New life for fiberglass”, which was organized by the Centro del Mare (University of Genoa), and covered the demolition and sustainable disposal systems for pleasure craft.

Afterwards, the Terrace hosted two additional events dedicated to the startup world. The 10 startups exhibiting included Nautica Appgrade, Lazy-tac, Elettrica Wave, Betty Buoys, Ispace2o Engineering, Nabys, Boatsandgo, Velettrica, E-sea Sharing and Cam.

Alessandro Gianneschi, Vice President of Confindustria Nautica explains, “In a market that is growing by 31%, our companies are ready to invest in innovation thinking about the future and, in this sense, the start-ups gathered at the Boat Show thanks to the collaboration with Agenzia Ice, offer the right support and indications on the subject of new trends. The 10 realities in the showcase represent a very broad generational range: they bring together young people but also companies that have already been active for some time that have got back into the game to bring fresh ideas to the market. They are open to creating partnerships to enter international markets as well.”

Paolo Quattrocchi, Industrial Technology, Energy and Environment Office of Agenzia Ice, added: “Ice Agenzia has activated a program of activities since 2019, the Global Start Up Program which develops in a training course from Italy to move to a phase operating in the main markets in search of potential start-up investors. Support for fairs and initiatives like this one at the Boat Show, which enhances technological innovation, is the basis of the increasingly intense relationship between Agenzia Ice and Confindustria Nautica and includes participation in major international events to support companies and shipbuilding excellence. Italian in the world.“

In the context of an additional event titled “Start up & Blue companies, Innovation and growth in Liguria”, and promoted by the Liguria Region and Liguria International, the protagonists were high-tech companies and key points of regional economic policy. The companies involved included QH2boat, Gerris Boats, Northern Light Composites, San Giorgio Marine, Micamo Lab, Geoscape, Blue Eco Line, Vega Research, E-ssence, Foodinghy, Boats and go, Outbe and Innavi.

In a highly technological way like that of boating which requires constant changes, the union between start-ups and the blue economy is there for all to see even here at the Boat Show”, explained Andrea Benveduti, councilor for economic development of the Liguria Region. “As the Liguria Region, the idea is to give new impulses to our incubators by facilitating the approach to calls for youth start-ups, for widespread innovation at the service of companies and supply chains”.

Credit: Italian Post


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