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VisionAnchor launches reservation campaign for the VisionAnchor S

The reservations campaign for the first 100 units of the VisionAnchor smart anchoring system is live. The products will be delivered to the buyers in a couple of months in the summer of 2024.

SeaVision, an innovator in marine technology, is excited to announce the launch of reservations for the highly anticipated VisionAnchor S, smart anchoring system. Reservations will open on Tuesday, April 23, at noon.

The VisionAnchor S is designed to give boat owners peace of mind and convenience when anchoring their vessels. Its innovative modular design incorporates advanced position-tracking electronics discreetly housed within the anchor buoy, ensuring a precise and reliable anchor alarm. Following recognition from the European GNSS Agency (GSA) and obtaining patents securing its unique features, the product is ready for production.

VisionAnchor S is making anchoring smarter, safer and faster

Key features of the VisionAnchor S include a compact and lightweight buoy equipped with a self-adjusting system, ensuring optimal positioning above the anchor at all times. Additionally, its robust rope boasts a holding power of 400 kg, enabling it to double as a trip line for freeing a stuck anchor.

The smart anchoring system consists of an anchor buoy, the Base Station unit that conveniently plugs into a 12v electric outlet onboard the vessel, and a user-friendly mobile app is available for Android and Apple devices. Users can set a 5-20 meter radius around the anchor within the app. If the anchor moves beyond this radius, the alarm will go off on the base station unit and the user's phone, giving captains enough time to react and save the boat and crew. VisionAnchor S is meant for yachts and motorboats between 8m and 24m long, anchoring up to 20m deep.

Transforming the world one buoy at a time

SeaVision was selected as one of 12 companies out of 3000 applicants to join the prestigious TechStars startup accelerator program, Transformative World Torino. This remarkable achievement uniquely positioned SeaVision within the nautical industry, providing invaluable connections to boat builders, distributors, and nautical designers, particularly in Italy. SeaVision aims to secure investment opportunities as the program progresses by showcasing its company to the global TechStars network on May 16, 2024, at OGR Torino.

Reservations for the VisionAnchor S are 799 EUR (VAT included), a 200€ discount off the full price of 999 EUR. This exclusive offer applies to the first 100 units reserved. Product delivery is scheduled for July 2024.

For more information and to reserve your unit, visit:


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