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Yachting Ventures Renews Key Partnership with M3 to Scout for Marina Innovations

The goal is to showcase marina innovations in six main categories; biodiversity regeneration, energy optimisation and production, marina management, waste and water management. 

The 4th edition of Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marine Rendezvous 2024 will take place September 22nd and 23rd at the Yacht Club de Monaco, right before the renowned Monaco Yacht Show. Organised by M3 (Monaco Marina Management), this event shines a light on startups and scaleups that are designing, innovating, and building solutions to preserve our oceans and biodiversity in the marina ecosystem.

"In a world of perpetual change, marinas stand as crucial anchor points for the maritime industry. Our vision is to create responsible and resilient spaces, where technological innovation and environmental preservation blend harmoniously. By uniting our efforts on a global scale, we can shape a future where marinas are not only economic hubs but also models of sustainable excellence." proclaims José Marco Casellini, CEO of Monaco Marina Management

The 2 day networking event will be attended by approximately 250 people, representing the most important players in the marine sector including investors, real estate promoters, marinas in project, operational marinas, architects, manufacturers, shipowners, and family offices. The calibre of attendees provides an incredible opportunity for startups and scaleups to get in front of the right audience and to promote their technologies amongst key decision makers. 

Scouting for the Best Technologies

To enhance the search for sustainable marine technologies, M3 has partnered with Yachting Ventures on the 4th edition of the Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina Rendezvous. Yachting Ventures is a global hub for startups and scaleups in the leisure marina industry, offering the network, support and opportunities that high-potential companies need to succeed in this space. 

In collaboration with M3, the Yachting Ventures team will identify and introduce innovations in six main categories:

  • Biodiversity Regeneration: involves restoring and enhancing ecosystems' variety and abundance of life forms through conservation and sustainable practices - with a focus on regenerating the biodiversity found within marinas. 

  • Energy Optimisation: involves maximising the efficiency and sustainability of energy extraction, generation, and utilisation from oceanic or solar resources, while minimising environmental impact and maximising output. 

  • Energy Production: involves harnessing renewable sources such as tidal, wave, and offshore wind energy to generate electricity, offering a sustainable alternative to traditional fossil fuels.

  • Marina Management: involves implementing practices, policies, and technology, to minimise the ecological impact of operations, while still providing quality services for boaters and visitors. 

  • Waste Management: involves reducing, recycling, and disposing of waste responsibly to prevent marine pollution and protect ocean health - the main contributor being plastics. 

  • Water Management: involves monitoring and regulating water quality, controlling pollution, managing fisheries, water desalination and safeguarding marine habitats to ensure the health and sustainability of ocean ecosystems.

Each of the six categories are crucial for sustainable marinas and to support infrastructure developments that will restore, regenerate and preserve our ocean, allowing the ecosystems to thrive well into the future. 

“We are delighted to be renewing our partnership with M3 and helping to source innovations for the Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina Rendezvous in September. Participating in this event offers an opportunity for startups to showcase their products and technologies amongst a very high quality audience that is genuinely interested in supporting new technologies.” - Gabbi Richardson, Founder of Yachting Ventures.

Participating in the Event

There are multiple ways to participate in the Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina Rendezvous 2024. By gathering key players and sharing knowledge and ideas, the event is helping to create a community of professionals who are committed to working towards a more sustainable future.

Interested startups and scaleups have until May 17th to apply to participate. Apply via this link and a member of the Yachting Ventures team will be in touch with next steps.


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