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Helping you scale with growth support.

Our branding, marketing and fundraising support encompasses every stage of the startup growth journey.

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We specialize in crafting strong startup brands, covering everything from logos to brand identity for a competitive market edge.

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We help guide strategic planning and targeted campaigns to get your business noticed by the right audience.

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We help startups secure funds with practical support, guiding you through the process for the financial backing your business needs.

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A strong brand is the foundation for 

Brand identity is crucial in startup world. A strong brand builds trust and forms the basis for effective marketing. It's not just a logo; it's the face of your startup, helping customers connect with what you stand for.

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Get the attention you deserve.

Marketing is crucial to drive visibility, customer acquisition, revenue and overall success. Through strategic planning and targeted campaigns, a startup should be able to efficiently communicate their value proposition, generate leads, and build a sustainable customer base. 

We understand that each startup is unique, with varying budgets and requirements. Reach out to us to explore tailored package options that suit your specific needs.

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We assist with platform management, content creation, and strategy to ensure that your social channels effectively engage and convert.

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We can help build a buzz around your brand with events and activations, including support with organisation, ​guest lists and asset design.

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We support with industry insights and marketing & sales strategies to help you launch, expand globally, establish key partnerships and diversify revenue.

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We can help convey your story and messaging via website copy, press releases, interviews, newsletters, blogs and interviews with the media.

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Raise the funds you need to scale.

Our network of UHNWIs, family offices, corporates and funds are actively looking to invest in companies that have disruptive technologies in the leisure marine industry.

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Successful fundraising depends on having the right information and resources to attract investors. Our team has created tons of pitch decks and we understand what investors want to see.


Whether you're raising a £250k preseed or £5M Series A round, your investor materials should be professionally designed and on-brand.

Investors vary in their level of involvement. Some seek an active role in shaping the future of your business, while others prefer periodic updates without much engagement.

Your investor strategy will depend on whether you aim to attract "smart money," such as industry players who offer sector-specific insights and connections.

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After your investor materials are prepared and in line with your investor strategy, we'll utilise a multi-channel approach to reach your desired investor target group.

We'll collaborate with you to create a map of potential investors and strategic partners, assisting in reaching out to initiate initial discussions with interested parties.


Ripple Boats has had the pleasure of working closely with the brilliant team at Yachting Ventures for our start-up launch campaign. They have brought valuable industry insights, connected us with media and industry, as well as injected creativity and a can-do attitude that complemented our launch efforts perfectly. Our launch simply wouldn't have gone as smoothly without their help, and we are happy to continue working with them to this day.
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Nathaniel Frithiof

Ripple Boats


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