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The dream team getting things done.

We thrive on the excitement of startup growth and the journey it takes founders on.

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How it started...

Back in 2020 (mid pandemic) Gabbi embarked on a bold adventure - launching an accelerator program for the yachting industry. With a modest budget, she juggled YV as a part time side hustle whilst at the same time pursuing her legal qualifications in London.


In September 2022, upon achieving her qualifications, Gabbi went full-time on YV and pivoted the business model to provide startups & scaleups consistent and comprehensive support, throughout multiple stages of growth.

How it's going...

Fast forward to the present day, and YV has evolved into a holistic support ecosystem for startups & scaleups within the leisure marine industry. 

Recognising the importance of engaging corporates, YV now also collaborates with major events to create innovation zones to help drive awareness.


With a community of +140 members, the enduring mission remains steadfast: to provide startups & scaleups in this domain with the essential network, support, and opportunities they need to succeed.


We live by our values.



Our positive attitude serves as an ongoing driving force, propelling us forward.



This is why we exist. YV is all about the people building the companies of tomorrow.



Because we firmly believe that progress is just as important as perfection.



Be curious, ask questions, break the mould, create adventure. Explore.


The YV team brought an unparalleled positive energy, deep industry knowledge, and lightning-fast reaction speed. They tackled every challenge with unwavering enthusiasm, turning potential setbacks into opportunities for innovation. Their ability to navigate through challenges and make things happen, even under pressure, was invaluable.

Richard Draisey

CEO at Seabird Technologies


Inspired? Join us.

We are always eager to hear from those that can add value to our growing team. If you would like to join the YV team, please describe why you would be a good fit below.

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