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Testimonials from our community

Tim Fletcher, Workrest

"Joining the YV cohort was a highlight of 2020!

Everything was excellently executed and professional throughout to the highest degree. The quantity and highest quality of mentors that presented and were available for conversations and questions was simply fantastic.

Also - to have been introduced to like minded entrepreneurs and to now have them in my personal network will reap great benefits over the years to come.”

Dan Armsden, Crewdentials

"As a business we've come a long way during this accelerator; the quality of the mentors and their insights, all the help between the cohort members -individually and during the speed networking sessions, and of course all the amazing work YV has done for us all with the amazing weekly info sheets and general organisation.

Thank you all so much. We’ve loved being part of this accelerator! We have evolved faster and refined our strategy under the guidance of all these incredible mentors, thank you so much for the opportunity.”

Martha Silcott, FabLittleBag

“As a newbie to yachting, the YV accelerator was absolutely brilliant. It brought together a plethora of experts from the world of yachting all successful, all with different perspectives, stories and advice. The course itself was very structured to ensure that we covered every aspect of setting up a new business in this world, from the “boring “ legal stuff to the branding and sales stuff.

There is a lot of cover and you will get a huge amount from this course - not only is it worth every penny, but it is a bargain for the value it brings.”

Brad Techow, MOCEAN

“Having completed the Yachting Ventures 10-week accelerator program, I believe that the likelihood of my startup succeeding has increased significantly thanks to the resources, tools, support, and mentors available to me through the program.

While this program offers far more value than can be stated here, what I benefited from most was the ability to learn from some of the greatest minds in the industry, ask questions, and enjoy industry insights I would otherwise have never had access to.

If you are serious about launching a startup and want to increase your chances of success, I’d highly recommend joining the Yachting Ventures Accelerator. It’s a game changer.”

Stephan Lacheta, TBC

"Yachting Ventures‘ accelerator program was an awesome chance for me to develop my business idea further. Although being in a very early stage with many of the mentor sessions not being applicable for me yet, I don‘t regret a single minute.

All materials we were given were highly valuable and will be of good use for the future. Finally it was great to expand my network and make friends with other entrepreneurs and industry leaders. The program is a must do for anybody thinking of a startup in the superyacht industry."

Simon Gray, ONECREW

“Yachting Ventures have created something truly special - uniting highly experienced industry mentors with the next generation of entrepreneurs through a well considered program of superbly delivered workshops.

The sessions were the perfect opportunity to receive feedback on concepts and learn from the mentors direct experience. It was exceptionally fun, inspirational and it’s had a profound impact on how I shape my business moving forward.”

Rossella del Gaudio, yachting and co

"I can't recommend Yachting Ventures enough. Imagine being in the midst of a global pandemic and receiving precious mentorship from some of the best professionals in the yachting industry. YV has done this and more for us lucky founders.

The program was able to bring together the most recognized yachting professionals who mentored us during a 10 weeks program on setting up, growing, founding and scaling our ventures. You will finish the program with so many resources for your startup and will build such valuable relationships in the yachting industry that you literally can't afford not to be part of it."

Kat Blewett, BOATIQUE

“Yachting Ventures was an incredible experience where like-minded, ambitious founders had the opportunity to be mentored by some of the industries most successful entrepreneurs.

We have learnt so much through all the content and guidance provided and Yachting Ventures has given us. This combined with such incredible connections has pushed us many steps forward and has paved an exciting path for the road ahead. Thank you YV for this incredible opportunity.”

Gemma Harris, Seastainable

"I loved the Yachting Ventures accelerator program, it was exactly what I needed to give me the confidence to kick start some of the plans I had for my startup. The mentors were great and extremely knowledgeable and approachable, since the program finished I have been in touch with a few and they have helped refine some of my business strategies.

I was still working onboard when I took part in the 10 week program, but the way it was structured and organised allowed me to go through all of the content and catch up on sessions if and when I needed to. I would highly recommend Yachting Ventures to all aspiring crew with a big idea!"

Tia Taylor, Luxury Learning

"Yachting Ventures provided me with both knowledge and networking that surpassed every expectation! The ability to have conversations with Mentors and other founders in the industry will benefit my company for years to come."

Nicolo Piredda, Piredda & Partners

"Being part of the Yachting Ventures cohort has meant being part of a community sharing one common entrepreneurial vision. The Founders, the Mentors, the knowledge, the connections and all the lateral aspects have melted together in a great recipe that has generated true relationships in yachting.

This is where next generation minds put their effort to shape the future of the industry together. Since the first day I have been impressed by the ideas and the vision of the entrepreneurs in the cohort and I am truly looking forward to seeing how each business develops. Best of luck to you all."

Carole Catsuris, The Stewardess Corner

"Yachting Ventures has given me the opportunity to meet great people within my industry, to listen to great entrepreneurship stories, to learn valuable advice to start a business and get answers to my questions. Thank you to all the mentors who have helped & shown us the right course to take to be able to succeed with our startups.”

Niklas Baumgartner, Seasy

"Yachting Ventures offered not only amazing content to accelerate your growth but also offered a wonderful community to interact with. The Workshops and Mentor Sessions were very well-structured - there is lots of content to go through in a packed 10 weeks."

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