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Top 5 Corporates Investing in Innovations in Leisure Marine

Did you know that several prominent corporates are actively seeking innovations in the leisure marine industry? Corporate VC is beginning to have a significant impact on innovation within the leisure marine industry, and corporate investors are uniquely positioned to support startups in co-developing products and introducing them successfully to market.

Due to its smaller market size, traditional investors might tend to avoid the leisure marine sector, but corporate investors possess the insight, network and resources that are required to push new technologies forward.

Here are some of the top corporates investing into startups right now.

Brunswick has made significant investments in innovative technologies, including advanced propulsion systems, connectivity solutions, and new boat models. The public company has even formed a joint venture with Chicago-based TechNexus Venture Collaborative, to foster transformative innovation in the marine industry.

Yamaha is consistently investing in electric propulsion and pursuing the latest advancements in marine technology, including smart boating innovations and sustainable materials to enhance their products. Recently, they announced a fund targeting sectors such as transportation, robotics, data/AI, fintech/insurtech, and digital health and wellness. Additionally, Yamaha recently acquired Siren Marine and led a €7 million Series A funding round for Skipperi, a Nordic shared-use boating subscription service.

This leading boat manufacturer is dedicated to innovation in yacht design, sustainable boating, and digital solutions. Bénéteau Group frequently partners with startups and tech companies to incorporate new technologies into their boats and has a dedicated M&A team in-house that is regularly reviewing and vetting opportunities. Most recently, Bénéteau Group participated in Candela’s €25 million funding round aimed at electrifying passenger transportation, demonstrating their strong support for the future of electric marine propulsion.

US-based MarineMax is one of the largest boat retailers and has a vested interest in technologies that improve the customer experience, such as advanced marine electronics and environmentally friendly boating solutions. The company recently announced that it would be building on its technology investments via a dedicated entity; New Wave Innovations. Startups already in the MarineMax portfolio include customer experience platform Boatyard, and online boat and marine digital retailer, Boatzon.

Known for its high-quality engines for both commercial and recreational vessels, the YANMAR product offering includes inboard engines, sailboat engines, and commercial marine engines. YANMAR recently took a strategic majority stake in GetMyBoat; the world’s largest boat rental and water experience marketplace with 150,000 boats in 9,300 locations, across 184 countries. This acquisition clearly highlights the importance YANMAR is placing on digital transformation and the need to stay close to the frontline, continuously monitoring emerging trends in recreational marine.

These corporate companies are not only industry leaders but are also shaping the future of leisure marine with significant investments in innovative technologies and sustainable practices. At Yachting Ventures, we specialise in connecting corporate investors with startups that meet their unique needs and objectives, simplifying the investment process and ensuring access to top-tier opportunities.

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