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Seasy is revolutionising marina bookings with impressive 300% growth

Since launching in 2020, Seasy has onboarded over 200 marinas to their software and continues with ambitious expansion plans across Europe this summer.

Seasy is making the process of marina booking easy, and they have experienced record growth since their inception in 2020. The number of active users on the platform is now at over 2,000 daily users in the high season, and the number of berth bookings facilitated through the app has reached an impressive 12,000.

Several prominent investors back the Austrian start-up and the team recently closed a 7-figure round, with both angel investors and the VC firm Next Floor participating in the round. The founders of Austria's unicorn platform GoStudent (Gregor Müller and Felix Ohswald) are also invested in the company.

The start-up is disrupting the maritime market with its innovative booking system, which enables seamless and hassle-free berth bookings across Europe. In a relatively short time, the young team at Seasy has solidified its position as a trailblazer in the industry and has plans to continue building on advanced technology and real-time availability to bring the experience of booking a marina into the 21st century.

Streamlining the marina berth booking process has eliminated the time-consuming and cumbersome task of making manual marina reservations, hence the surge in popularity with both users and marinas. The younger generation of yacht charterers expects ease and efficiency when booking marinas, as well as transparency around pricing and online booking payments.

Continued expansion

A key player in digitisation within the maritime industry, Seasy has achieved remarkable growth and is revolutionising how users secure berths. The continual success of the platform has resulted in strong partnerships and collaborations with marinas European-wide. Their established network of trusted and reputable operators now spans all major yachting hotspots, with marinas signed up in 16 regions, including Italy, Croatia and Spain.

As the Mediterranean summer season gets in full swing, Seasy is poised to help further connect marinas and boaters, offering its efficient and fully digital solution for booking berths. The start of the season saw over 200 marinas onboarded, estimating a further 80 by the end of the season, averaging a new marina every two days.

To facilitate this remarkable 300% growth, Seasy has also tripled its team leading the charge with regular new hires in IT & Sales.

“We are incredibly grateful for the unwavering support we are receiving from the boating community, and we are determined to amplify our current efforts to bring even more features to our platform. We are proud of all our users, customers, team members, and investors helping us achieve our vision - improving and providing the most seamless booking experience on the sea. We are very excited to show this season again what Seasy is capable of.” - Niklas Baumgartner, founder & CEO of Seasy.

Enhanced features

The marina expansion and team growth have also spurred additional product features for the platform. Seasy is continually enhancing its platform with new features and functionality, to provide users with more information about their next destination. This month 5,000 more Points Of Interest were launched for sailors in the Adriatic Sea, with more regions on the horizon.

Aligning with their growth, Seasy is also cooperating with the European Space Agency (ESA) to develop new technologies that will provide users with more destination-specific information. The Austrian Research Promotion Agency FFG are also supporting Seasy in a research project to develop features for consumers based on space technology and Artificial Intelligence.


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