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Seasy closes seed extension, forges new partnerships and launches Seasy Plus

The Austrian startup has established new strategic partnerships, launched a new premium service and closed on additional funding to double down on core markets including Croatia, Italy and Spain. 

Seasy is successfully making the process of marina booking easy, disrupting the maritime market with its innovative booking system. The team at Seasy solidified their position as a trailblazer in the industry in 2023 and has experienced a 200% remarkable Booking Volume growth after its third operating season. 

The platform witnessed over 2,000 daily users over the summer 2023 sailing season, facilitated over 72,000 nights at marinas, and established a community of more than 440,000 users. 

New strategic alliances 

This substantial growth has paved the way for strategic partnerships with two influential players in the maritime industry: the Austrian Sailing Federation (OesV) and Yacht-Pool Insurance Services

As Austria’s national sailing body, the Austrian Sailing Federation plays a crucial role in organising and promoting sailing throughout the country. Sharing the goal of making sailing more accessible and enjoyable, this partnership is a testament to Seasy’s commitment to enhancing the maritime experience. 

“We are happy to announce this new partnership with Seasy. Maritime sailing is one of the pillars of Austrian sailing, with a broad history and many active ocean sailors. To partner with such an innovative and successful young company is an honour, and together we will promote special offers for our members” - The Austrian Sailing Federation. 

Seasy has also joined forces with Yacht Pool International, led by Dr Friedrich  Schöchl, an industry pioneer in boating insurance services. It introduced the world’s first skipper liability insurance, and with a community of thousands of active skippers, it is dedicated to ensuring the safety of its members. This dedication to safety and satisfaction aligns seamlessly with Seasy’s mission.

“To support young entrepreneurs with great ideas is part of the philosophy of Yacht Pool, and it is an honour for us to support their innovative initiative.” - Dr Friedrich  Schöchl, Yacht Pool Insurance Services) 

Both partnerships underscore Seasy’s success and reflect the increased authority and trust it has garnered within the maritime industry. These alliances usher in a new era of success for Seasy, as the collaboration with the Austrian Sailing Federation opens doors to a vast community of sailors, while the partnership with Yacht Pool reinforces Seasy’s commitment to providing easier and worry-free boating to all users. 

“Our new partnerships with the Austrian Sailing Federation and Yacht-Pool Insurance Services mark a significant leap forward for Seasy. These collaborations not only unlock access to Seasy Plus but also broaden the community features for our partners’ members, merging tradition with innovation and setting sail towards a future where booking a marina berth is as easy as the breeze.” - Niklas Baumgartner, Founder of Seasy

Launch of Seasy Plus  

Seasy is now gearing up to launch Seasy Plus in Q2 of 2024. This new premium service on the platform will feature enhanced services, including concierge services, exclusive marina discounts, and priority access to features like Marine Traffic and live weather data. Targeting new members, Seasy Plus is available at an annual subscription rate of €49. 

Not only do the partnerships enhance Seasy’s offerings, but they also open the door to exclusive benefits for the app users. All Austrian Sailing Federation and Yacht Pool members are offered a complimentary one-year subscription to the premium service. 

Looking ahead, Seasy remains committed to advancing technology and real-time availability and will continue to digitise the industry as the younger generation infiltrates the space. By streamlining the marina berth booking processes, Seasy has eliminated a once time-consuming task, providing a better and more technologically advanced solution. 

In 2024, the startup plans to continue expanding its network and forging more strategic partnerships across the maritime industry. “I am particularly excited about expanding our network to include charter companies, enhancing our service offerings and reinforcing our commitment to the entire sailing ecosystem." - Niklas Baumgartner.

Extended funding round

Seasy closed a 7-figure seed funding round back in August 2022, with investors Oliver Sikora (angel investor) and the VC firm Next Floor in the lead, as well as Alexander Schütz, Hans-Peter Haselsteiner and both Founders of one of Europe's largest EdTech Unicorns valued at 3 Billion. The angels invested into Niklas Baumgartner after his pitch on the TV show "2 Minuten 2 Millionen" (similar to Dragons Den in the UK, or Shark Tank in the US).

The 6-digit extension of the prior seed round has been funded by existing Seasy shareholders, including founder Niklas Baumgartner. The goal with the fresh funding is to reinforce the successes of 2023, particularly in the startups' core market in Croatia. The goal is also to achieve profitability in Italy during the upcoming 2024 season whilst concurrently strengthening market share in other countries, including Spain.

With the Seasy platform and business model having proved successful, and with customers and partners satisfied, the startup now plans to shift focus towards enhancing quality, user-friendliness, and market profitability.

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