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Hefring Marine closes financing round for undisclosed amount

Hefring Marine participated in the Yachting Ventures startup accelerator program (2021).

Hefring Marine closed their recent financing round led by The New Business Venture Fund with participation from Innoport and TechNexus Venture Collaborative.

The Icelandic based venture offers vessel operators with intelligent, real-time guidance as they navigate the sea. Data provided allows for improved situational awareness, safety, and efficiency. “This investment brings to the company a very experienced group of investors with industry experience and insights. The funding will enable us to scale faster and expand our system’s capabilities,” said CEO and Co-founder, Karl Birgir Bjornsson.

Hefring Marine was founded in 2018 and first launched their system in 2020. The company has continued to improve their solution and technology, working closely with select partners. Next generation solutions are in the works with a diverse base of commercial partners including De Hass Maasuis B.V. in the Netherlands, the Icelandic Association for Search and Rescue, the Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue, the Icelandic Coast Guard, and more.

“We invest globally in ambitious companies and leverage unique collaborations with industry-leading corporate partners to drive impactful commercialization and accelerated venture development. We are excited to partner with Hefring Marine, which shares an aligned vision for improving boater safety, guidance, and overall ease-of-use for recreational boaters and dynamic marine environments,” says CEO of TechNexus, Terry Howerton.

Hefring Marine is driving digital transformation in the marine industry by utilizing real-time data analytics to greatly improve situational awareness for boat operators. Their intelligent software solution aligns with TechNexus’s view of the crucial role emerging technologies and venture ecosystems play in disrupting mature industries.

Credit: TechNexus


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