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Floatist celebrates two-years of operation, welcomes experienced skipper to the team, and expands into Croatia

Floatist, a B2B SaaS startup specializing in charter fleet management solutions, is excited to announce the celebration of its two-year anniversary, marked by introducing Antonieta, a seasoned skipper, to its growing team.

With this new hire, the young company is also expanding its operations into Croatia, taking another bold step towards enhancing its global reach and ensuring operational support in one of its key customer regions. The two-year mark is also a testament to Floatist’s commitment to delivering value, customer satisfaction and continuous improvement. Hitting two-years is a notable achievement for any startup, showcasing the viability of the business model and its acceptance in the market.

The Floatist platform tackles operational hurdles faced by fleet operators, including ineffective communication among teams, overwhelming paperwork during check-ins, and insufficient maintenance tracking and scheduling. Through the optimisation of operations via software, along with the automation of workflows and administrative tasks, Floatist significantly improves the client experience and streamlines yacht charter management.

Antonieta Joins the Floatist Team

To continue delivering great service, Floatist has expanded its team strategically, ensuring it not only has the necessary expertise but also hires teams in the right locations to support continued growth. Antonieta will join the team as a Customer Success and Onboarding Specialist, playing a crucial role in ensuring positive experiences for customers as they start using the platform. As Floatist continues to scale, this role is essential to guide new users through the onboarding process, providing product knowledge, resolving issues, and offering ongoing training.

Antonieta brings a wealth of experience as a seasoned skipper. She worked onboard for 9 years throughout the Mediterranean and Caribbean, while simultaneously obtaining her Master's degree in Geographical Information Systems. Her background as a skipper enables her to empathise with clients, especially fleet managers and charter operators. Before launching Floatist, founder Cindy Allis also had a background as a skipper on charter yachts, and she is continuing to prioritise a firsthand understanding of what yacht charter entails as she grows her team.

Prior to joining Floatist, Antonieta also worked for Vagabonde Adventures, the adventure travel company spinoff launched by Sailing La Vagabonde; a renowned brand by Riley and Elayna with almost 2 million YouTube subscribers. In her role with Vagabonde Adventures, Antonieta coordinated multi-boat flotillas, and developed a deep understanding of the challenges that fleet operators encounter while managing their operations. This firsthand experience with the frustrations and challenges faced by fleet operators will allow Antonieta to empathise with Floatist clients and this, coupled with her experience as a skipper, makes her the ideal candidate to lead customer success and onboarding.

Cindy Allis, CEO and co-founder of Floatist said, "Antonieta’s experience as a skipper, understanding of the need in the market and her proven track record at Vagabonde Adventures aligns perfectly with our commitment to providing unparalleled solutions and support to our clients in the key regions we operate."

"Born and raised in the coastal city of Split in Croatia, the sea has always been my first love. I've grown up navigating the Croatian islands and I’m convinced that Floatist is the solution every charter company needs. I'm excited to bring my industry experience and energy to the team, travel to fleet operators around the world, and help other people from the industry run their businesses better," commented Antonieta.

Expanding Operations into Croatia

In tandem with Antonieta joining the team, Floatist is excited to announce its expansion into Croatia, with Antonieta serving as a key point of contact in the region. Croatia is one of Floatist's major markets with a substantial client base and this strategic location in the Eastern Mediterranean will make it an ideal hub for Floatist to further establish its presence and cater to the growing demand for innovative fleet management solutions in the region.

The yacht charter market in Croatia has been experiencing rapid growth over the past 5 years, with the country becoming one of the most popular charter destinations in the Mediterranean. With Antonieta now based in Croatia, Floatist is well-positioned to capitalize on the growing number of fleet operators catering for the increased demand in charter bookings in Croatia.

As the 2024 charter season begins to kick off, fleet operators are gearing up to optimize their operations, and Floatist stands ready to seize an increased market share in this sector. The yachting industry is undergoing a rapid digital transformation, driven by a growing inclination among stakeholders to embrace technology. As a younger workforce takes the reins from the older generation, the industry is witnessing an accelerated pace of digitalization.

"As we celebrate our two-year anniversary, the expansion into Croatia signifies a pivotal moment in Floatist's journey. We are confident that our presence in Croatia, led by Antonieta, will not only strengthen our global reach but also provide local businesses with the tools they need to navigate the evolving challenges of the yacht charter industry," added Cindy Allis.

Looking to the future, the Floatist team shows no signs of slowing down and will undoubtedly continue to lead the way in fleet management software this summer season.


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