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Zparq's Z10 Outboard Motor Wins Sustainable Product of the Year Award at the Stockholm Boat Show

Zparq, the pioneering Swedish startup specialising in ultra-compact electric marine motors, has won the prestigious 'Sustainable Product of the Year' award at the Stockholm Boat Show for its groundbreaking Z10 outboard motor.

The accolade comes on the heels of Zparq's unveiling of the Z10 at the Stockholm Boat Show, where it garnered widespread acclaim from industry experts and enthusiasts.

Zparq has developed the world's most compact electric outboard for smaller boats and dinghies. Zparq's unique cooling technology means that, despite a compact format, surprisingly high power can be obtained from the motor. A win for the environment and for those who are tired of lugging around heavy outboards.

With the Z10, Zparq is leading the transition from traditional fossil fuel-based technology to high-efficiency electric propulsion systems, spearheading innovation that not only enhances performance but also promotes sustainable business practices. With an enduring commitment to sustainability across its entire value chain and a circular design approach, Zparq is revolutionising marine propulsion, envisioning a future of enduring sustainability.

The Stockholm Boat Show

The Stockholm Boat Show is a premier event in the marine industry, featuring a wide array of boats, marine equipment, and accessories. Held annually in Stockholm, Sweden, the show attracts boating enthusiasts, industry professionals, and exhibitors from across the globe, offering a comprehensive showcase of the latest innovations and trends in boating and marine technology.

The show draws thousands of visitors each March. It signifies the official start of the boating season. The event spans two extended weekends, providing exhibitors and visitors ample time to exchange ideas and explore the latest trends and products.

Expressing their excitement about the recognition their product received at the show, the Zparq team commented: “It's hard not to feel exhilarated by the whirlwind of excitement and genuine interest we witnessed. The event is a tremendous showcase, drawing in crowds eager to explore what's new and innovative in our industry, and I'm thrilled to say that our outboard system stood out as a beacon of ingenuity and elegance.”

Further, winning the Sustainable Product of the Year award further demonstrates Zparq’s ability to respond to the pain points of environmentally-conscious industry experts seeking efficient and eco-friendly alternatives to traditional propulsion systems.

Commenting on the win, Jonas Genchel, Co-Founder and CEO of Zparq, stated: "We are absolutely thrilled to receive this award; it holds special significance for us. Winning the sustainability award is particularly meaningful because it aligns perfectly with our core mission and values, emphasising the importance of eco-friendly innovation in our industry."

The Z10

The Z10 outboard motor represents a paradigm shift in marine propulsion technology. Zparq’s groundbreaking marine motors are notably smaller and more efficient than existing options, thanks to patented technology. The Zparq Z10, their debut product, is an electric outboard motor designed for small watercraft like boats and sailboats.

In a departure from conventional marine motor design, Zparq places the motor underwater rather than on top, resulting in a sleeker, lighter rig that enhances efficiency and allows for increased cargo capacity, leading to extended range. This underwater placement also ensures a noise-free boating experience.

The Z10 system includes the outboard motor, batteries, cables, charger, and a Companion App for safety, navigation, and system monitoring. It boasts zero emissions, equivalent propulsion to a 15 hp combustion engine, virtually maintenance-free operation, and the flexibility of adding extra batteries for extended range.

Zparq adopts a circular design approach, significantly reducing environmental impact and carbon footprint throughout the product life cycle. With a focus on durability and minimal moving parts, their products are built for longevity and easy recycling, with 76% of materials intended for reuse in future marine engines.

By offering emission-free, silent, and low-maintenance solutions alongside sustainable business models, Zparq aims to redefine boating experiences for present and future generations, enabling users to enjoy lakes, seas, and nature responsibly.

Exceptional Feedback

Reflecting on the positive feedback received since launching the Z10, CEO Jonas added, “The feedback we've received has been overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the seamless blend of sophisticated design and cutting-edge technology our system offers. What seems to have resonated most with our visitors is the user-friendliness of our product. We've always believed that high-quality performance shouldn't come at the expense of accessibility, and it's incredibly rewarding to see this vision being embraced so enthusiastically by users.”

Our team has been deeply moved by the interest shown in our outboard system. This response not only validates our commitment to excellence but also fuels our passion for innovation and our dedication to providing solutions that genuinely meet the needs of our customers. The blend of elegant design and technical prowess, coupled with an unwavering focus on ease of use, is evidently striking the right chord.”

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