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ZPARQ nominated for Swedish Design Awards 2023

The Swedish startup that develops the world's most compact electric marine motors has been nominated for the design of the Zparq Z10 outboard motor.

The Zparq Z10 is an electric outboard motor for smaller recreational boats, designed to be sustainable across the value chain. The engine produces no climate impact or other emissions during use either in the air or the water. In addition, the neat design means that 50% less natural resources are consumed in production compared to other boat engines.

Zparq provide electric motors and complete powertrains for recreational boats and commercial vessels. Based on a disruptive technology, the company has developed a first product - the Zparq Z10, which is completely free of exhaust gases and CO2 emissions and leaves no pollution in the water. The lightweight design reduces raw material consumption and climate footprint by over 50% in production

and from transport, compared to equivalent marine electric and internal combustion engines.

Few moving parts make the product maintenance-free and extend its life considerably, and the product has been designed for a circular life from the start - 76% is reusable in new marine motors and the rest of the material is recycled.

“Zparq has turned the traditional marine engine concept upside down. Instead of a bulky and heavy construction with the motor on top of the rig, the motor itself is placed below the water surface. This design allows for a flexible and light rig, increases efficiency and provides a lower total weight of the boat – resulting in longer range, and with the motor underwater, a completely silent boating experience,” says Jonas Genchel, CEO of Zparq.

He continues, "No emissions, no noise, no maintenance – combined with a unique design, light weight and ease of use, Zparq attracts a new generation and a wider segment than the traditional users. We are very proud to be nominated for Design S, Sweden's finest design award - we see this as proof that we are doing the right thing!"

The plan is to introduce the Zparq Z10 to the market at the end of 2024. Also, development of more powerful marine drivetrains is underway. Among other things, Zparq is carrying out a project together with the Swedish Sea Rescue Society (SSRS) to build an all-electric rescue boat, and Zparq's unique technology has attracted great interest from boat manufacturers over the whole globe. The journey has just started.

"The marine sector has been slow to move towards sustainability and electrification, but now the industry has woken up and we have seen a dramatic shift over the last 18 months across the complete sector. Zparq is more than marine drivetrains; Zparq enables new sustainable models for the use, operation and ownership of boats and motors. With products and services designed to be sustainable across the entire value chain and with a circular business model, our vision is to fundamentally change the boating industry.” concludes Jonas Genchel.


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