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Washdown Launches Anti-VOC Campaign to Protect Marine Life and Yacht Crew Health

Biotech cleaning company Washdown has launched a bold initiative to eliminate Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from cleaning products used in the maritime sector.

With a focus on safeguarding marine ecosystems and enhancing safety for all sea workers, Washdown offers an environmentally friendly alternative through a cutting-edge line of cleaning solutions tailored for the yachting industry.

What Are VOCs And How Are They Used Onboard?

VOCs pose a significant threat to both human health and the environment within the marine industry. Found commonly in paints, varnishes, cleaning agents, and other materials used onboard yachts, these compounds contribute to chronic illnesses and health issues such as respiratory problems, headaches, and dizziness. 

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), VOCs rank among the top environmental hazards globally. Additionally, the World Health Organisation warns that prolonged exposure to VOCs can result in more serious health conditions, including damage to the liver and kidneys.

Reducing VOC emissions in the yachting industry is essential for protecting the environment, ensuring the health and safety of guests and crew, and complying with regulations. This often involves adopting cleaner technologies, using low-VOC products, and implementing proper waste management practices.

The Washdown Solution

Washdown founder, Leah Tennant, a former yacht crew member, witnessed the over-reliance on harmful cleaning products onboard yachts firsthand and recognised the urgent need for alternatives. Leah’s experience onboard propelled her to develop an enhanced range of products that would not only reduce the impact on the environment and the crew, but also be effective at cleaning the boats she worked on.

"We believe it's high time for an urgent shift towards eco-friendly cleaning products within our industry," says Leah. "These alternatives not only safeguard human health but also ensure the longevity of our precious marine ecosystems."

Leah continues, “As a company deeply invested in the marine industry, we are committed to making sustainable changes that protect both our oceans and those who spend their lives at sea. Volatile Organic Compounds in cleaning products pose a significant threat to these two entities we hold dear.

Washdown's revolutionary Biotechnology offers unparalleled cleaning performance without the harmful effects of traditional toxic solutions. Utilising probiotic formulations, their products are VOC-free, pollutant-free, and vegan, ensuring the highest standards of safety and environmental responsibility. Additionally, Washdown's products boast a PH-neutral composition, making them gentle on surfaces while still providing superior cleaning power.

Washdown’s Standout products include ‘Grease Lightning’, a PH neutral cleaner for use in food-prep areas, galleys and yacht interiors. ‘Spotless’, a spray designed for stainless steel and ceramics that eliminates stubborn calcium build up, and ‘Graft’ which is formulated for use on teak and decking. 

As part of their campaign to eliminate the use of harmful chemicals onboard yachts, Washdown invites all stakeholders in the marine industry to join them in advocating for the cessation of VOC usage in cleaning products. Interested parties can sign Washdown's petition, sending a resounding message about the collective responsibility towards preserving oceanic life and ensuring safety for all sea workers.

For more information about Washdown and their anti-VOC campaign, please visit:


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