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Voly Group announces acquisition of Pinpoint Works

Voly Group has announced its acquisition of interactive worklist management platform Pinpoint Works, further enhancing its end-to-end solution for the financial management of superyachts.

Founded by a superyacht captain who was frustrated with the inadequacies of basic spreadsheets, the Pinpoint Works platform provides a simple work list solution for an entire supply chain. The programme offers end-to-end transparency and total workflow accuracy, resulting in significant financial and time savings.

Having worked closely with Pinpoint Works for the past 12 months, Voly Group appreciates the enormous value the platform brings to the superyacht industry and will now integrate and develop the platform further under the Voly umbrella. 

The new integration will benefit captains and owners who are managing new build projects or refits, offering a total solution from initial bidding through to completion. 

The acquisition further demonstrates Voly Group’s commitment to the superyacht industry, creating superior technology to manage all aspects of the business and deliver meaningful, measurable benefit for superyacht owners.

Commenting on the acquisition, Voly Group Founder & CEO Ian Flanagan said:

"I’m delighted that Pinpoint Works has joined the Voly Group family. Our mutual respect, unified approach, and vision for technology within the marine space will continue to provide the superyacht sector with the cutting-edge tool set that it requires to function effectively. 

Together with our industry partners, management companies, shipyards and the incredible crew that make it all possible; we will continue to revolutionise the industry. I’d like to thank Pinpoint Works Founders, James Stockdale, and Leslie Gillotte, for supporting the vision and joining the team on this truly exciting journey."

Pinpoint Works Co-Founder & Director Leslie Gillotte said:

"James and I, along with the rest of the Pinpoint Works team, are excited to have joined Ian and his team at Voly Group. Watching their business and influence in the industry grow alongside our own, we realized early on that we shared the same approach to our individual solutions: do one thing and do it well. I believe this is what has contributed to both of our successes in the superyacht industry to this point. 

The enthusiasm both our client bases bring for our products serves as motivation for us to create more value for them by uniting forces. Through this strategic partnership and our shared passion for developing innovative technology, we will grow stronger together by providing truly unique solutions.

With the Voly team, we look forward to continuing to provide excellent standards of client support and bringing greater impact through the integration of our platforms for this dynamic industry we serve, and beyond.”


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