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VoltSafe selected to join Canadian Technology Accelerator

VoltSafe has announced that it has been selected to join the 2023 United States Climatetech - Canadian Technology Accelerator (CTA).

VoltSafe was one of only eight high-growth, high-potential startups chosen to be part of a promising group of companies to join the 2023 summer cohort. The program runs from August 15 to November 30.

“Being invited to participate in the US CTA Climatetech cohort underscores both the significant interest and demand in VoltSafe’s patented technology and our ability to positively transform electrification and energy management around the globe. This program is tailor-fit to complement VoltSafe’s strategic roadmap, helping us to identify venture investors and partnerships in the largest climatetech markets in the U.S. including San Francisco, Boston and New York,” commented VoltSafe CEO, Trevor Burgess.

There is a significant demand for climatetech solutions in the United States driven by both policy and market forces. Investors and potential licensing partners are seeking high impact solutions to help combat climate change and meet the emerging needs of the market across numerous categories including renewable energy, energy storage, transportation and infrastructure, construction plus many more.

At the core of the electrification of everything, VoltSafe delivers a differentiated technology with established market traction. This, combined with the positive environmental impact VoltSafe can offer through effective wide-scale electrification and more efficient energy management, helped tip the scales for its appointment into the accelerator.

VoltSafe is essentially setting a new standard in shore power and marine electrical safety. Their patented technology is a blueprint to create an “electricity gate”, eliminating the need to internally hide plug contacts (i.e., prongs). Picture Apple’s MagSafe, just for high power applications like marine shore power. The technology can be scaled to meet the needs of personal watercraft, recreational boating, yachts, industrial shipping, Navy vessels, and more.

The US CTA Climatetech program is driven by the Government of Canada’s Trade Commissioner Service and connects Canadian businesses with funding and support programs to foster business growth from international opportunities and a massive network of trade commissioners in over 160 cities worldwide.

For inquiries or information on Voltsafe, please see their website here.


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