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VoltSafe Inc. Graduates CDL-Atlantic's Oceans Stream

VoltSafe Inc. is pleased to announce it has graduated from The Oceans Stream at CDL-Atlantic in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada – the forefront of Canada’s Ocean industry. VoltSafe received an invitation to join the Oceans Stream at CDL-Atlantic last September.

The program selectively invites high potential innovators to engage in the 9-month program. VoltSafe will now attend CDL’s Super Session in Toronto June 18-19th. This final session allows VoltSafe to take centre-stage to showcase its Marine solution in front of a high-value network of experienced entrepreneurs, investors, and leading scientists from around the world that are ocean industry focused.

VoltSafe CEO & Co-Founder, Trevor Burgess, noted, “I’m very pleased that after 8 months since acceptance into the CDL (Creative Destruction Lab) program, VoltSafe will officially be part of the graduating class of 2024! Graduating startups have gone on to generate over $28B in equity value.

Not only is it incredibly difficult to get accepted into this program, it’s even more difficult to graduate and become alumni. This year less than 40% of the starting cohort will graduate. The CDL program, network and mentors have elevated our knowledge, reach, and forward momentum as we move into final commercialisation and sales of our first major product release, VoltSafe Marine. VoltSafe’s future has never looked so bright.”

‘Build Something Massive’ is the mantra of CDL, which measures its success through equity value creation. VoltSafe now aims to carry on this precedent of financial gain and achievement upon the company’s successful graduation from the high intensity, value-add program.

The Oceans Stream aims to disrupt the ocean economy with emerging digital technologies and sustainable solutions. The program included engagement with mentors collaborating to sharpen VoltSafe’s strategic marine roadmap, prioritise resources, raise capital, and engage with marine experts. Its selection into the accelerator program reinforced the value its breakthrough technology delivers to advancing improvements to electrical safety, automation, sustainability, and overall human welfare in the industry.


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