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The top 6 investors in leisure marine in Europe

Securing the right investment is often the key to success, and knowing which investors have a keen interest and proven track record in the leisure marine niche can help to demystify the fundraising process.

In this article, we delve into the top six investors in the European leisure marine sector.

Based in Paris, SWEN Capital Partners is a leading player in sustainable investments in private equity, infrastructure, and mezzanine debt. The firm supports entrepreneurs and its partners in a collaborative effort to address social, societal, and environmental issues. In 2022, BlueNav secured a €1.3M seed round led by SWEN Blue Ocean, SWEN's venture capital fund.

GO CAPITAL is an independent management company managing investment funds in seed capital and venture capital for more than €200 million. They are involved in innovative technological companies based in the Center of France.

Genevos, a start-up specialising in hydrogen and fuel cell power systems integration for the maritime sector, raised €2.5 million in seed funding back in January from Impact Ocean Capital, a fund managed by GO Capital.

Based in Oslo, Norway, Katapult Ocean invest in and support startups that have a positive impact on the ocean. Since 2018, Katapult Ocean has made 64 investments in ocean impact companies from all over the world. The firm invested in electric boat builders evoy, contributing to their €6.4 million in Funding Round lead by Axopar.

Based in Sweden but with offices in London, Berlin and Paris, venture capital firm EQT Ventures provides support and capital to bold and ambitious founders on their journeys to global success. The firm participated in Swedish electric boat manufacturer Candela's 24.5 million funding round in March, proving their commitment to supporting maritime innovations.

Innoport invest in innovative and high-potential startups focusing on the global maritime and logistics sectors. They strive to find disruptive technologies and business models. Although they invest in startups globally, they focus on early-stage ventures across Europe and Asia. The firm participated in the deep-tech startup Hefring Marine's seed round in May of this year.

Based in the UK, One Planet Capital area climate change focused EIS fund, investing in young companies that are creating a positive global impact. They focus on unlocking the positive impact of early stage companies as they grow. The firm has invested in marine electrification technology company RAD Propulsion making a follow-on investment in 2023 to facilitate RAD’s operational scale up.

BlueNav, evoy, Hefring Marine and RAD Propulsion are all YV Community Members and we look forward to continuing to support these startups as they scale.

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