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Swiss Ocean Tech seeks partners and Superyacht Captains to join the INNOVATION GUARDIANS club

Swiss Ocean Tech invites Superyacht captains to join the Innovation

Guardians club, an exclusive community for thought leaders, pioneers, and early adopters in the maritime world.

As club members, captains will have priority access to the first 100 units of AnchorGuardianTM, a revolutionary anchor sensor technology designed for the Superyacht market.

“After 5 years of research and development, we are in the final testing stage before bringing AnchorGuardian to the broader marine market, starting with Superyachts,” said Thomas Frizlen, Managing Director & Founder of Swiss Ocean Tech. “We have dedicated considerable effort to refine both the product and technology, providing a comprehensive anchor monitoring solution that offers peace of mind to everyone onboard.”

While the technology is 100% mechanically robust and class-certified, further real-world testing is necessary to ensure it meets customers' needs. Participants get the opportunity to purchase AnchorGuardian with exclusive benefits, including a special discount.

"The INNOVATION GUARDIANS club is a collaborative effort between us and the captains. With their input, captains are actively contributing to the development of a safer and more reliable anchoring solution," added Frizlen. "We are accelerating our testing to refine our solution based on real-world data and make our fully mature technology accessible worldwide."

AnchorGuardian is a cutting-edge technology that monitors the movement and position of a ship's anchor, delivering intelligent data to support the crew throughout the anchoring procedure. This patented solution uses sensor fusion, sophisticated algorithms, and the latest technology to provide predictions and trigger immediate alarms with sub-meter accuracy.

AnchorGuardian empowers captains and crew to make proactive, informed decisions by providing essential information regarding the anchor's state, chain condition, and the forces at play.

Swiss Ocean Tech are actively seeking partners and Superyacht Captains to join the INNOVATION GUARDIANS club. If you are interested, please contact:

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