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Startup Spotlight: MOXSEA

We have a diverse and dynamic group of startups in our community, each with unique backstories and experiences as entrepreneurs. The Startup Spotlight series is designed to acquaint you better with our community. This week we speak to Henrietta Roslund, CEO and co-founder of MOXSEA, a white label software for boat clubs and harbours.

How did you come up with the idea for the business?

I ran a premium boat club in Mallorca for 7 years, and struggled with administration hassle. I was working with several different softwares and none of them were integrated with each other, so I had the idea of developing a software for boatclubs where you have an 'all in one system'.

My focus was to create an easy system for the boat club manager so he/she could run a boat club business in a smart way by having the business in “their pocket” via a smart phone or tablet, and for the members to be able to book and check in and out in a super easy way via the app. No hassle for boat club managers or the member!

Why does the industry need the solution you're providing?

The sharing economy is booming, and there is an influx of boat clubs. Since there is no white label software for boat clubs on the market, with an integrated booking, CRM and finance system, there is a big demand for this product.

What have you enjoyed most about starting your own company?

Creating something new and innovative has been very exciting, and to do this together with my 21 year old son has been very fun and engaging.

What challenges did you have to overcome at the beginning of your journey?

First of all, finding an investor. Making the business case was easy, and making pitches, but to find the most suitable investor and mentor that matches our business took time.

Personally, the choice of investors was very important since it’s a long term commitment. For me it’s all about people! I want to create a great team, with business skills that can not only support MOXSEA, but can also have fun together on our MOXSEA journey.


Any bits of advice for entrepreneurs getting started in this space?

As a startup, it’s important to meet other people and companies that are in the same situation. Being a startup entrepreneur can sometimes be very lonely and challenging. By being involved in the Yachting Ventures startup community you get to be in contact with people that are in the same situation. You can share experiences and get support in a very useful way.


What's the plan for the future of the business? Where do you see the company in 3-5 years?

After developing our beta version for 1 ½ years, I'm really looking forward to testing it on the market. The short term plan for MOXSEA is to develop our support and education program on how to run a successful boat club. We already get a lot of questions from clients that are in need of support.

Our aim is to use gamification and an easy to use educational tool, combined with private consultations. The longterm plan is to continue to develop our software, and also to look for other smart softwares and products that we can collaborate with and integrate into our service to make our offering even stronger. In 5 years, MOXSEA will be the preferred SaaS app and backend system for all boat clubs!


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