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Starboard Marine Intelligence raises NZ$5 million

Investors in the round include Altered Capital, Icehouse Ventures, Invest South, Soul Capital, and Whakatupu Aotearoa Foundation, as well as SeaAhead.

Starboard Maritime Intelligence has successfully closed a NZ$5 million seed funding round (approx £2.3 million). The round includes New Zealand based investors Altered Capital (lead), Icehouse Ventures, Invest South, Soul Capital, and Whakatupu Aotearoa Foundation, as well as US-based SeaAhead. Starboard is a Software as a Service (SaaS) maritime domain awareness platform and has been developed alongside government and intergovernmental users in New Zealand, Australia, and the Pacific to tackle illegal fishing, transnational crime, prevent biosecurity outbreaks, and protect at-sea assets.

The investment enables Starboard to strengthen its support for a growing number of analysts in the Pacific region. Alongside this the team are expanding their go-to-market function to increase their impact in other countries and industry verticals.

“Starboard enables days of analysis to be completed within minutes. Analysts gain more valuable information, more quickly leading to better decisions about which vessels to focus on. We are working to take Starboard to analysts globally, to help them collaborate and share insights for the protection of our oceans,” says Trent Fulcher, CEO of Starboard.

The ‘blue economy’ is growing rapidly and is estimated to reach over NZ$5 trillion by 2030. As use of the oceans intensifies for economic development there has been a global rise in maritime security threats, environmental damage, and regulatory pressures.

“The global maritime surveillance market, that Starboard operates in, is predicted to reach NZ$67 billion USD by 2030 and we are seeing a growing need for greater operational efficiency and collaboration,” says Craig Mawdsley, Partner at Altered Capital.

SaaS is an important growth sector for New Zealand’s economy, as a weightless export there is significant opportunity for international scaling and SaaS is set to become a major industry in New Zealand. The Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment (MBIE) estimate that by 2030 the SaaS industry could be worth NZ$14 billion NZD and employ nearly 60,000.


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