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Starboard Card supports Elkhorn Marine Conservancy in unique conservation initiative

This support is not just financial but also includes hands-on involvement in coral reef restoration efforts, reflecting a deep commitment to environmental stewardship.

Starboard Card is excited to announce its support for the Elkhorn Marine Conservancy (EMC), a leading nonprofit organisation based in Antigua dedicated to marine restoration and conservation.

Moving beyond the realm of traditional corporate support, Starboard Card’s Chief Product Officer, Jon Slator, has actively volunteered with EMC. His recent participation in cleaning coral nurseries near Green Island is a testament to Starboard Card’s dedication to making a tangible difference in marine conservation.

EMC's mission is to enhance the resilience and local stewardship of Antigua's marine ecosystems through restoration, collaborative management, and conservation. EMC’s efforts in restoring degraded coral reefs are vital to the marine ecosystem. Their approach involves nurturing corals in underwater nurseries and later transplanting them back to the degraded reef bed. This intricate process demands regular upkeep, a task to which Jon Slator contributed significantly during his volunteer work.

While financial aid is essential, the company believes in understanding and actively contributing to the causes it supports. This commitment is part of a larger vision to advocate for and participate in meaningful conservation efforts. Starboard Card encourages the wider yachting and marine community to take inspiration from this initiative and consider ways to actively participate in marine conservation. The company is proud to support EMC's outstanding work and hopes this initiative will inspire similar actions across the industry.


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