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Soaring Interest as Metarina's Software for Marina Growth Sets New Standards Ahead of the Summer Season

Metarina's Innovative Software Release Unlocks New Investment Opportunity

With an industry-defining product update, interest in Metarina's marina growth software is soaring. This milestone has been made possible by the tireless efforts of the team, initially backed by a six-figure investment ahead of the first trial season in 2023. The team is now capitalising on market momentum, fuelled by customer confidence in Metarina's advanced marina solutions - and looking to scale operations across Europe.

New Product Release Marks a New Era for Marina Management

Metarina's latest software update was launched at the start of the year and has quickly established new benchmarks within the maritime sector by significantly enhancing operational efficiencies and improving the boater experience. This innovative software is distinguished as the only software-as-a-service (SaaS) in the industry that actively drives revenue growth for marinas by automating boater engagement and increasing customer satisfaction.

Early adopters have reported remarkable €30,000+ growth from previously untapped revenue streams from disengaged boater customers within just a few months of feature testing in 2023, alongside significant operational improvements. Key features such as predictive occupancy management, omni-channel booking, and integrated billing systems are reshaping marina management, offering a seamless, low-friction experience that parallels the modern travel industry's advancements.

Aligning Marina Management with Modern Hospitality Trends

A recent McKinsey study, "The Global State of Yachting & Marinas", reveals that yachting will follow the broader travel industry's evolution towards more accessible and user-friendly experiences. Metarina's mission is in line with this trend, tapping into a growing 15B sector within the marine industry.

However, unlike the traditional travel industry, the marina and yachting sector has been slow to adopt such advances. Metarina's software bridges this gap by making marina services bookable from anywhere at any time, similar to hotels and flights, thereby modernising the marina experience.

Watch the product video for more information:

Highlighting the Core Innovations in Metarina’s New Software

  • Predictable Marina Occupancy Management: Using a proprietary algorithm, the software provides unmatched forecasting accuracy, allowing marinas to optimise space and prepare for fluctuating demand.

  • Omni-channel Booking Management: The software supports bookings from a diverse customer base, accommodating both resident and transient boaters across multiple channels, thereby enhancing service accessibility and flexibility.

  • Enhanced Customer Service and Document Management: Metarina's solution simplifies complex operations and reduces administrative tasks, allowing marina staff to focus on delivering top-tier service.

  • Automated Billing and Payment Systems: The new update streamlines financial transactions, ensuring efficiency and transparency in revenue management, which is crucial for sustaining marina operations.

A Strategic Opportunity for New Investors

With emerging industry trends and the accelerating digital transformation of maritime services, Metarina is a key innovator. As Metarina progresses with its current fundraising campaign, new investors are joining this venture at a critical juncture. Investing in Metarina offers the opportunity to be part of setting a new standard for the maritime industry and to enjoy the benefits of being at the forefront of this lucrative, expanding field - combining a recurring and transactional business model.

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