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Pulling-e team up with Frank Neubelt of GYC studio to unveil groundbreaking yacht concepts

Pulling-e is thrilled to announce its exciting partnership with the highly acclaimed yacht designer Frank Neubelt, to introduce cutting-edge concepts which are pushing the boundaries of sustainable yachting.

Propulsion House Pulling-e made its debut into the superyacht world at the Monaco Smart Yacht Rendezvous this spring. Bolstered by their 25 years of maritime knowledge and experience, they have now teamed up with the esteemed yacht designer Frank Neubelt, the creative force behind the German-based Studio German Yacht Couture (GYC). This partnership has resulted in two new yacht concepts, a 44-metre and a 66-metre motor yacht.

Neubelt has over 30 years of experience and has developed designs for several yachts up to 90m+. A talented and accomplished designer known for his visionary approach, he pushes the boundaries of traditional yacht design, and his passion for sustainability shines through.

Partnering with Pulling-e, alongside an experienced Captain, Neubelt has utilised their advanced propulsion systems for his designs, underlining the synergy and commitment between them to solve one of the biggest challenges within the yachting industry.

Solving a problem

The pressing issue of carbon emissions from the industry has been creeping up agendas slowly and should today be a priority for the entire fleet, but there needs to be solutions and designs in place to facilitate this.

Pulling-e has been working on its solution-based services for alternative propulsion through tailored electrical propulsion. “We have patented a structure, Pulling-e propulsion™, which makes the unit scalable and simple, integrated into a vessel in cooperation with the designer and shipyard. Our electrical platform, DeeCee Microgrid™, is small and tailored to each delivery to match the available spaces,” explains Heikki Bergman, CEO & Design manager of Pulling-e.

Leveraging these solutions, this partnership introduces pioneering designs that demonstrate the viability of solutions to prove that it is possible for all yachts to run a zero-emissions operation, paving the way to a more sustainable yachting industry.

Zero-emission concepts

“The electrical concept for the maritime industry is not something that can be designed on product development conditions or for mass production; every yacht design requires an individually considered solution,” explains Bergman.

The zero-emission yacht concept is based on hydrogen, produced onboard from a mix of methanol and water through a methanol reactor. The onboard fuel cells turn the hydrogen into electricity which is then connected to the DeeCee Mircogrid™ - this electricity is then distributed to the yacht’s needs and electrical propulsion.

“Many shipyards are trying to find the best carbon emission-free projects, so I found Pulling-e’s the most interesting because it is a very realistic one that can be realised very soon compared to other options being worked on,” comments Neubelt.

Key design features

Neubelt explains that one hurdle to overcome when presenting more sustainable projects to clients is how to convince them that they can be produced as well as the traditional yachts. “I suggested to Pulling-e that we created the yacht concept based upon their proven technical concept, which is easy to manufacture and instal, and also price wise would be interesting,” adds Neubelt.

At the heart of these concepts is the advanced propulsion system, incorporating Pulling-e’s state-of-the-art technology. “We always ensure alongside the stylish renderings we have already put in extensive research to the technical development before approaching shipyards,” says Neubelt.

The first concept was the 44m bluewater cruiser which, according to Neubelt, “Saved around 24 tonnes of weight compared to other electrical solutions on the market and 50 square meter of space compared to the existing 44m design, allowing for aesthetic improvements.” Progressing onto the most recent design, Neubelt has designed sleek renderings for a 66m concept, ‘Lay’.

The design ethos, outlined by Pulling-e, was to maximise space by eliminating the need for traditional engine room space, resulting in ample room for owners to enjoy the yacht, amplifying the onboard experience. Neubelt comments, “The increasing trend of owners being able to enjoy more open space fits with the design concept, as there is plenty of space to add extra terraces and larger beach clubs.”

What next?

Bergman explains, “The technology is here, it is mature, the next step will be to get the regulatory bodies aligned and we are already ready for this. We can prove our feasibility at this early stage, thanks to all the specialists supporting us. We are very happy to have yacht designers like Frank Neubelt, who understood the idea and let us get involved at the earliest stage of design. The market has taken a turn towards the sustainable good and we are excited to be part of that turn and see where these concepts go,” says Bergman.

“Our sights are now set on presenting these concepts to shipyards that specialise in custom projects,” adds Neubelt.

This partnership is redefining standards for sustainable yachting, utilising their combined expertise and commitment to innovation. These concepts fuse Neubelt’s innovative designs with Pulling-e’s technological basis, presenting the potential to transform yacht designs going forward.


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