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Plan M8 closes a pre-seed round of €100k

PlanM8 participated in the Yachting Ventures startup accelerator program (2021).

Malfunctions and errors in the super yacht industry can be extremely expensive. Yet unlike fellow engineering industries, the digitisation of the marine sector has not yet advanced. Plan M8 makes yacht maintenance easy - it is designed for marine engineers, captains, owners, and operators.

“I work as a Chief Engineer on a multimillion euro super yacht where I use personal Excel sheets to plan the vessel's routine maintenance, record data and log operating procedures. Over the course of my career, I have used a range of different yacht maintenance programs, but have found the set up time consuming, the programs to be dated or over complicated, or not specific to my yacht. Talking to my fellow engineers I realised I am not the only one with this problem.” - Christopher Clarke, Co-Founder Plan M8.

Plan M8 provides a custom overview of all maintenance tasks onboard, in order to save time, improve communication, and reduce operating costs. This way, yacht owners, operators, captains, and engineers are able to collaborate in a transparent manner, preventing problems and offering solutions before they become apparent.

“We had the vision to create a product as efficient to use as Trello, so that eventually every 10-40m yacht would be equipped with it.” - Chris Bolz, Co-Founder Plan M8

Built by industry experts with more than a decade of experience, Plan M8 is designed to resolve common planning and tracking issues related to yacht maintenance. The mobile app runs offline (offshore), is based on a modern API, can integrate with 3rd parties, and is designed for vessels between 10m-40m (L.O.A.). Additionally, due to its customisable nature, Plan M8 offers several templates for easy self setup, simplifying the onboarding process for everyone involved.

Prior to its launch, Plan M8 secured a €100.000 pre-seed funding round from the coara incubator, which is actively involved in the development of the project. The funds are being used to build the minimum viable product, and to kick-start sales and marketing.

Credit: Newswires


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