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Pascal and Nimbus to showcase the ALUKIN Ocean Air 8 at Gothenburg Boat Show

The ALUKIN Ocean Air 8 is a groundbreaking electric vessel with extended range, using the Pascal ‘AirHull’ technology. After an extremely positive reception at boot Düsseldorf in January, the boat will now be on display at the Gothenburg Boat Show from 3rd-11th February.

Recent years have seen sustainability in the maritime world transform from a consideration of the future into a necessity of the present. The need to secure a more sustainable future for the planet is driving some of the maritime industry's most resourceful minds to develop technologies that reduce environmental impact. 

Pascal stands out as one of those companies dedicated to pioneering clean advancements in the maritime sector. The Norway-based startup, which is backed by high-profile investors including Katapult VC and OceanZero LLC, has a commitment to creating an innovative hull technology for impact reduction and extended range, deemed ‘AirHull’ technology. Over the course of many years, Pascal has meticulously crafted and tested their cutting-edge solution designed for various watercrafts including high-speed passenger ferries, leisure boats, and workboats. 

Pascal’s AirHull technology is a culmination of decades of research and incorporates a mechanism where air is used to create a thin layer separating the hull and the water, significantly diminishing the water resistance experienced by the vessel. By elevating the hull from the water, this technology substantially enhances energy efficiency, potentially doubling the range when compared to conventional boats.

The ALUKIN Ocean Air 8

With the AirHull technology now ready for commercialisation, Pascal recently unveiled a groundbreaking project in collaboration with Nimbus group - the ALUKIN Ocean Air 8 concept boat. Aimed at an adventurous and environmentally conscious future generation of boat owners, the ALUKIN Ocean Air 8 is highly durable and robust. The vessel boasts a comfortable length of 8 metres and can accommodate up to 6 passengers, making it an ideal choice for leisurely excursions exploring coastal waters.

The vessel, built by ALUKIN, is 100 percent recyclable due to its aluminium hull and superstructure, further reducing the boat’s environmental impact. The boat is also powered by an electric outboard motor from Norwegian startup Evoy, the leading company on the market when it comes to high output electric propulsion for boats. Offering no compromise on performance, the partnership with Evoy means that the ALUKIN Ocean Air 8 is able to reach an impressive top speed of 30 knots. 

The concept boat is fundamentally a response to the recognition that many electric boat models on the market have limited range and this “range anxiety” is contributing partly to the slower adoption rates of electric boats. By improving range, the goal with the ALUKIN Ocean Air 8 is to  appeal to boaters accustomed to the range associated with standard combustion engines, thereby encouraging them to make the switch to electric. 

"Our vision for ALUKIN has since the start been to create sustainable boats for active people who love the archipelago, coast, and sea! It's about building sustainably in terms of extremely stable boats in a design that lasts over time, and now we are taking the next step in development towards fossil-free propulsion," said Maria Nikula, one of ALUKIN’s founders and Brand Manager at ALUKIN Boats Sweden.

"The transition away from fossil fuels will require both new propulsion technology and new types of hull designs. Through the collaboration agreement with Pascal Technologies and Evoy, we want to test technologies that can contribute to reduced energy consumption and thus to a more sustainable boating life", added Mats Jacobsson, Technical Director for Nimbus Group.

The ALUKIN Ocean Air 8 was previously on display at the bootDüsseldorf show in January, gaining excellent feedback from industry leaders and attendees. Carl Rehn, CEO at Pascal Technologies commented, "We were very pleased with the reception the vessel received at Boot Düsseldorf. The market for electric boating is maturing quickly, and an increasing number of boat builders are shifting towards emission-free boating. The coming years will be exciting for us. At Pascal, we work to advance boat performance and increasing energy efficiency is key in the transition to sustainable boating."

The vessel will now be on display at the Gothenburg Boat show (stand number B10:71), which runs from the 3rd-11th February. The Gothenburg Boat Show is one of the premier boat shows in Sweden, attracting around 60,000 visitors, with the participation of around 250 exhibiting companies.

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