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nlcomp opens pre-orders for Ecoracer OD30

A sustainable overhaul for the yacht racing circuit.

Since winning the special prize dedicated to sustainability at the European Yacht of the Year at Boot, Dusseldorf nlcomp has opened up pre-orders for their Ecoracer OD30. With the launch of the official renderings, designed by Matteo Polli, for the world's first recyclable, One Design sport boat for grand-prix regattas.

The composite technology guarantees recycling at end-of-life - making huge progress in today's challenging sustainability issue facing the boating sector. With thermoplastic resin and natural and recycled fibres, and carbon fibres for the hull used throughout the construction of the Ecoracer OD30, environmental impact is reduced substantially.

Not only has nlcomp made environmental waves, but they have done so without compromising performance, which is vital for the One Design class. The boat will be 9.15m long and has been inspired by the lines of the multi-award-winning Ecoracer 25. The 30-footer is characterised by its inverted bow and high stern, becoming "active" when heeled, enabling an extended waterline length.

In terms of sail plan, the Ecoracer has a square top mainsail, enabling less drag at higher speeds and more control and an asymmetrical spinnaker for downwind sailing. The rig and sail configuration makes it possible to race in One Design and other rating fleets, inshore and offshore.

For the ORC offshore regattas, it is also possible to use a Code Zero, and the boat can also be installed with an electric tilting outboard. Logistics and transportation have also been considered, with a retractable keel - a draft of 2.30m - for ease.

For the first ten owners, the list price is €130,000. The Ecoracer was one of the six winners of the "Call for Innovation," an initiative by Genoa Blue District for projects dedicated to saving the oceans. It will continue to be closely linked to Genoa, with the first hull that will be launched in collaboration with the Sangiorgio Marine shipyard. The Ecoracer will be launched in late June at The Ocean Race Genoa, The Grand Finale.

Sergio Caramel, Press Relations Officer at nlcomp, commented: "Ecoracer OD30 is an innovative project not only for the construction technology but also for the ambitious goal of launching a circuit of regattas dedicated to sustainable technologies for boating. Behind this boat is an all-Italian team of young professionals alongside some of the most established figures in the sector. The moulds for the boat are already at an advanced stage, and our entire team is working hard to get to the finish line of the launch in Genoa at the end of June. I want to underline the fundamental support to our project by Genova Blue District in the context of the Call For Innovation and the important synergy created in Genoa with Sangiorgio Marine Shipyard".

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