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NAVIA Yachts launches first electric vessel in Italy

The Navia team recently unveiled the Navia X: the first electric boat that will kickstart a fleet set to expand year by year.

The Navia Yachts launch event recently took place in the splendid setting of Marina di Cala Galera in Porto Ercole (Italy). The event allowed supporters and curious individuals to closely experience the potential of electric mobility in the maritime field.

The day began with a welcome from CEO Guglielmo La Via who, following the

opening speech, took the guests on short outings with the brand-new Navia X. As a result, over seventy people were able to enjoy the performance of a full-electric vessel designed to be silent, high-performing, and safe. Subsequently, the team offered lunch to the guests, who were able to exchange opinions, ideas, and impressions about the project.

La Via expressed great satisfaction, saying, "It has been a day beyond expectations.

The preparations in the last few days have been hectic, but today we can confidently say that we are satisfied with the work done and the success of the event. The boat has proven to be perfectly up to the task."

The meeting also provided an opportunity to forge and establish new professional connections: "In recent months, Navia has sparked curiosity and admiration, generating numerous contacts. Today's event has provided an opportunity to meet in person the numerous industry professionals and investors interested in being part of the project."

With immense satisfaction for the success of the event, the Navia Yachts team

wishes to extend gratitude to all individuals who contributed to the project's initiation and all those who dedicated time and energy to transform an idea born from the enthusiasm of a young and motivated group into reality. In the upcoming months, the next milestones will be officially announced, and the first details about the new fleet will be unveiled.

You can learn more about Navia Yachts here:


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