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Nauta raises $0.5M to democratize access to superyacht experiences

The startup is bringing superyacht experiences to unserved, new demographics through on-demand, same-day booking and unprecedented affordability.

The pre-seed funds will be used to buildout technology infrastructure that connects consumers with same-day, on-demand superyacht experiences at unprecedented affordability – shattering the notion that superyacht experiences are only attained by the ultra-wealthy.

Co-Founder and CEO Alexander O’Neill explains, “We started Nauta with the belief that everyone should have the opportunity to live extraordinarily by way of accessible luxury. Superyachts embody an extraordinary lifestyle, but current barriers to accessing a superyacht require both weeks to months of advance planning and serious discretionary income, which make these experiences unachievable to all but the wealthiest and well-connected. We’ve found the yachting industry to be a hidden gem – one that too few know about and even fewer can enjoy – and we intend to bridge that gap. Our mission is to create aspirational social experiences that are both affordable and accessible in ways consumers are already used to, such as booking with the ease of calling an Uber while providing repeatable, luxury service at an affordable price, such as Blade and NetJets have provided for their own industries.”

Using technology and innovative business planning, Nauta will offer accessible and affordable superyacht experiences to metro-facing, waterfront consumers while re-imagining the age-old adage that “owning a yacht is unprofitable.” While the current industry model allows superyacht owners to offset their annual operating costs, Nauta plans to partner with owners through agreements that not only cover operating costs but provide substantial economic upside through improved vessel utilization and technological innovation that removes administrative waste and streamlines customer experiences.

Co-Founder and CTO Chris Isacs adds, “Nauta’s technology will bridge an industry that hasn’t yet provided a fulsome answer to mass accessibility.

We approached our model as customers seeking solutions and are ecstatic to launch our initial markets of Miami and New York City in 2023. This industry is ripe for opportunity, and we’re here to make it massively larger than what is currently served. In our first days of soft launching with minimal marketing, Nauta registered $45,000 of customer pre-launch booking reservations. We’re intensely focused on leveraging our initial momentum in our launch cities, laying the groundwork for a bi-coastal American, Mediterranean, and Arabian presence in the coming years.”

For any questions or partnerships, Nauta can be reached directly at CEO Alex O’Neill’s email address,

Credit: Yachting Ventures


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