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Marshall Islands authorises LJ eLogbooks for MARPOL electronic record books

LJ Yacht & Commercial Services announces their latest authorisation from the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) Maritime Administrator to provide a transition to the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (MARPOL) electronic record books for yachts.

The UK based company initially specialised in producing printed logbooks but has now digitised this process to a cloud-based software. With 20 years’ experience behind them, their transformation stemmed from LJ Yacht & Commercial Services clients’ demand and desire to make the switch to paperless.

This announcement highlights the RMI Maritime Administrator as the first flag State authorizing LJ Yacht & Commercial Services' MARPOL electronic record books and enables LJ Yacht & Commercial Services to now provide MARPOL electronic record books for all yachts registered under the RMI flag.

For MARPOL electronic record books to be used in compliance, flag States must authorise them to ensure they are secure and tamper-proof, eliminating the possibility of changeable entries. This move to increased digitisation and authorisation from the RMI Maritime Administrator enables Captains and owners to maintain accurate MARPOL electronic record books in order to comply with applicable MARPOL regulations onboard RMI flagged yachts. Replacing manual entries into a timely, transparent, and verifiable process.

"The RMI Maritime Administrator has been supportive and receptive to our system for applicable MARPOL electronic record books which we call our “eLogbooks.” We have collaborated to move from a paper-based format for logging entries to a digital version. The whole experience of working with them has been nothing short of exceptional, from technical assessment to day-to-day communication and meetings." - Liz Jackson, Founder

The platform provides real-time recording and reporting. Through cloud-based, remote access and privacy-secure software, users can record, access, and verify data entries from a computer or tablet. In addition, the software is a cyber and data secure solution and is compliant with MARPOL. It can be customised entirely for crews, including 24/7 support and entry validation.

There are currently 17 different modules available for various departmental use within the eLogbook library, including Bridge, Engine Room, GMDSS, Oil Record, and Garbage. Most recently, the Official Logbook (OLB) and the Radio Log have also been made available digitally.

“The flag State is required to authorize the use of MARPOL electronic record books in accordance with International Maritime Organization requirements. The RMI Maritime Administrator was pleased to issue LJ Yacht & Commercial Services their certificate of compliance allowing RMI flagged yachts the ability to comply with recordkeeping more easily,” said David Wamsley, Deputy Commissioner of Maritime Affairs of the RMI Maritime Administrator.

The paperless system was client-driven, providing a solution to the antiquated system of paper logbooks. While aligning the industry with digitalisation, this partnership is also a step forward in improving the Bridge's environmental credentials - culminating in a more sustainable approach to yacht management.


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