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International Electric Marine Association to be launched during Monaco Yacht Show

On the 30th of September, the International Electric Marine Association (IEMA) will be officially launched by its founding members at the Yacht Club de Monaco, a world leading hub for maritime sustainability.

The ceremony, which will be hosted at the Seabird Lounge, will present and share IEMA’s mission to decarbonize the planet's waters and protect global health through innovation and sustainability.

Why is the IEMA in Monaco?

The world we live in is in a period of profound and accelerating transition. Sustainability increasingly drives initiatives from governments, businesses, and citizens worldwide. With the adoption of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the signing of the Paris Climate Accords, and the implementation of Green New Deals in the US and European Union, our societies have made at least a positive step toward addressing the dire need to protect our environment and public health.

The IEMA is further committed to this cause. The association intends to accelerate this vital transition towards a safe, resource-efficient, and low-carbon society.

The Seabird Lounge at the Yacht Club de Monaco will offer visitors an exclusive opportunity to discuss the shared mission and to meet IEMA's founder & president, Adia Jover. Raised in Spain and residing in New York, USA, Jover, an avid Mediterranean explorer and cross-ocean sailor, dives this initiative.

“It's incredibly impressive, and inspiring, to witness the multitude of emerging technologies from around the world dedicated to providing scalable solutions for the objective of non-combustion water systems. These innovations deserve increased visibility, strong representation, valuable partnerships, and supportive legislation to thrive" - Adia Jover

What will the IEMA Aim to Do?

The IEMA aims to lead a prominent position in advocating for the electrification of coastal and marine navigation systems. The primary goal of the IEMA is to champion and accelerate the implementation of electric marine solutions EMS while informing public and private sectors about the myriad advantages to global health, mobility, and the environment these technologies will deliver.

The primary goals of the IEMA will be to:

  • Representative and advocate for the electric boat industry in matters of production, electrical grid, data, and regulations with all levels of government.

  • Consolidate the rules and standardisations of all components, its homologations and further certificates.

  • Facilitate collaboration between members, foster the sharing of best practices and attract capital investments for the industry.

  • Be an education and market data source for the electric maine industry.

  • Be the principal link with international associations, academies, and media that promote a shared mission.

The transition to electric marine solutions EMS will allow policymakers in D.C. and Brussels to create thousands of manufacturing jobs, protect global health, and preserve our waters through innovation.

For further information, membership conditions and benefits, please email:


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