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Hydraloop raises €10.5 million for international growth

Hydraloop, which makes a device that collects and recycles water from showers, baths and washing machines, will use the money for an international rollout.

Hydraloop, a pioneer in greywater recycling, has made a significant step in its Series-B funding round of €13.5 million, raising €10.5 million to date. The funding will be used for the international rollout of its innovative greywater recycling systems, which enable a 25-45% saving on drinking and wastewater. Impact investors Invest-NL and NOM as well as proptech investor Amavi Capital have participated in this round.

Hydraloop devices collect water from showers, baths, and washing machines. After cleaning and disinfecting, this water can be reused for toilet flushing, washing machines, and garden irrigation. With global water scarcity increasing, demand for water-saving technologies in the built environment is greater than ever. Hydraloop distinguishes itself with modular, scalable, and internet-connected systems that are easily integrated into both new constructions and renovation projects. Unique is that Hydraloop devices do not use filters or chemicals, resulting in a low-maintenance and sustainable water recycling solution.

International Recognition by the UN and CES

Since its inception, Hydraloop has focused on developing technology and patents, setting up the production process, and building an international partner network. The company gained global recognition by winning dozens of awards, including a Global Impact Award from the United Nations and the ‘Best of the Best’ award from CES, a leading electronics fair in the US. Since 2022, Hydraloop has expanded its product portfolio and gained market access through product certification in key regions.

Dutch Solution to a Global Problem

After establishing a solid foundation, Hydraloop is now focusing on commercial rollout. With the capital from this funding round, the Dutch company can scale up its global B2B sales and develop strategic partnerships. Hydraloop has 130 partners in 35 countries, installing water recyclers in residences, hotels, sports facilities, student housing, and other high water-usage buildings.

“We are proud that Invest-NL has become a shareholder of Hydraloop,” says Arthur Valkieser, co-founder and CEO of Hydraloop. “It’s time for scaling up and international growth. Worldwide, water scarcity is leading to changes in the way people manage water. Governments are quickly implementing measures to encourage or mandate greywater recycling. For example, in Florida, companies can claim the costs of a water recycler on their taxes. Spain offers a 70% subsidy for hotels and campsites that want to recycle greywater. And in parts of England, a building permit is only granted if there is a water-saving system in the house. In the Netherlands, many new residential areas can only be built if they implement water-saving systems, such as greywater recycling. We foresee that in 10 to 15 years, every new building will have its own water recycler.”

Lars Groeneveld, Senior Investment Manager at Invest-NL: "In pursuing a sustainable future, we recognize the importance of innovative solutions for the global water crisis. The investment in Hydraloop represents more than just financial support; it's a commitment to preserving our most precious resource: water. Hydraloop's revolutionary technology offers a concrete solution for more sustainable water use, and we are proud to contribute to this.”

Becoming a Market Leader in a Growth Market

The market potential for greywater recycling systems is enormous. In a mature market, millions of systems could be sold annually. Hydraloop aspires to become one of the leaders in this global market. Through strategic collaborations, other companies are allowed to produce their water recyclers using Hydraloop’s patents. Additionally, the company expects to set up local assembly lines in 10 to 15 regions. Hydraloop's replicable 'factory in a box' plays a significant role in this.


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