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Floatist Launches ‘Extras’ Feature And Expands Into The Superyacht Sector

Fleet management software company Floatist has introduced a new feature called ‘Extras’ to their platform, just in time for the summer season. This addition enhances the platform's functionality, which is already highly regarded by smaller fleet operators.

Floatist is expanding into the Superyacht sector, following market research and positive feedback from yacht crew and captains at the Palma International Boat Show in April.

Founded in 2022, Floatist has been disrupting the yacht charter industry with their SaaS fleet management software and has gone from strength to strength operationally, introducing new team members and expanding into new territories consistently. Their comprehensive platform solves all of the operational challenges that fleet operators and yacht charter companies face, incorporating user friendly elements such as a self-check-in and check-out system for clients and customers as well as a tool for scheduling and tracking boat maintenance. 

Floatist also solves other common issues for fleet operators, streamlining the paperwork process, improving team communications and seamlessly scheduling required maintenance. The charter industry is increasingly competitive and Floatist recognises the need for these companies to stand out among a sea of competitors. In order to facilitate this, Floatist continues to improve their offering and soothe the pain points of their customer base.

Introducing ‘Extras’

Many charter clients make last-minute requests or need additional items ahead of time, such as snorkels and extra towels. In response, Floatist has introduced ‘Extras’ into their app. This feature allows clients to request various items, from Stand Up Paddleboards to Airport Transfers, weeks in advance. This ensures that all needs are met ahead of time and helps charter companies easily track costs.

‘Extras’ benefits both customers and charter companies, enhancing customer satisfaction and providing opportunities for additional revenue for fleet operators. This new feature is integrated into Floatist’s sophisticated, yet user-friendly and highly functional app.

Expanding Into Superyacht Territory

While the yachting industry is slowly but surely embracing digitalisation, many operational Superyachts (20 - 60 metres) still rely on outdated methods to manage charters and track client requests, dates, and costs. At the Palma International Boat Show, Floatist conducted market research with Superyacht crew and found that the industry is calling for improved technological processes that can save precious time onboard.

Floatist co-founder Cindy Allis stated: "The majority of Superyacht engineers still rely on spreadsheets or outdated software, which are difficult to use and collaborate on. When new or temporary crew members join, they often find inherited spreadsheets unclear and challenging to navigate. We've confirmed that our solution is highly applicable to larger yachts, and we already have the first users in this segment successfully using Floatist!"

Floatist is addressing this market gap by offering a user-friendly, modern, and fast mobile app. Unlike other companies that require crew to set up the software themselves, Floatist handles the entire setup process. This difference is crucial, as it ensures the software is ready to use immediately, without the common barrier of a time-consuming setup.

In a bid to immerse themselves in this new market, Floatist will be present at the Monaco Boat Show and will attend events specifically catered to Superyacht crew, where yacht crew can view and test the app and give invaluable feedback to the Floatist team. 

To learn more about Floatist, please visit their website here:


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