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Floatist is revolutionising fleet operations, experiencing an impressive 400% growth

Floatist, the pioneering startup at the forefront of yacht charter market digitisation, has demonstrated impressive growth of 400% in the past six months and is poised for further expansion before the year’s end.

Since its launch in 2022, Floatist has continued redefining the yacht charter industry and how fleet operators handle daily operations.

The innovative productivity platform addresses fleet operators’ key operational challenges, including inefficient communication between teams, paperwork overload during check-ins, and inadequate maintenance tracking and scheduling. By streamlining operations using software and automating workflows and administrative tasks, Floatist fundamentally enhances the client experience and simplifies charter management.

Revenue growth

The young startup led by CEO & co-founder Cindy Allis has witnessed exponential revenue growth this past year, with the third quarter alone experiencing a doubling of revenues. With the Mediterranean season drawing to a close and fleet operators beginning to reflect on better-streamlining operations, Floatist is well positioned to continue taking market share in this underserved market. The yachting industry is continuing to digitalise rapidly as the stakeholders become increasingly prone to adopting technology, and a younger workforce takes over from the older generation.

Bolstering this revenue growth in Q3 is the increased total number of boats on the Floatist platform, indicating the increased trust and interest from charter companies joining the platform. The products and features provided by Floatist have evidently struck a chord with fleet operators, leading to increased sales and customer loyalty.

As a SaaS platform, Floatist works on an annual subscription business model, with pricing starting at €480 per boat per year. Their pricing is based on factors such as the number of boats in the fleet and the features required by each user. The startup offers month-long trials and personalised demos for those interested in exploring the platform and the features it provides.

A global reach

Already working with charter management companies across Europe and the Mediterranean, Floatist has empowered fleet operators to thrive in a competitive, growing market while meeting the demands of an evolving younger cohort of clients expecting improved digital solutions. Their success in Europe has paved the way for onboarding operators worldwide.

Floatist has made significant strides in its global expansion efforts, focusing on the Asian and US markets, from Rhode Island to Thailand, including the most recent addition of a fleet operator based in the British Virgin Islands.

“Following Europe's lead, Asia, the US, and the Caribbean are poised to become the charter industry's next big markets. In Asia, the growing market is already witnessing charter companies leveraging technology to enhance the customer experience and distinguish themselves from the competition. Meanwhile, in the Caribbean, some companies are adopting some form of technology, and our solution is now being eagerly embraced as a natural fit for their operations.” - Cindy Allis, co-founder of Floatist.

New hires

Aligning with its commitment to deliver exceptional service and continue to innovate, Floatist has expanded its team, ensuring that it has the necessary expertise to tackle the expansion of the company.

This strategic development includes hiring for a range of positions. The most recent is the addition of an experienced Sales Manager. With over ten years of experience in various industries, including tech startup and luxury real estate, Cesare Marchesan brings a wealth of knowledge and fresh perspectives to the team. He will be working to strengthen Floatist’s existing relationships and continue to evolve and expand to life Floatist to the next level.

Showcasing innovation

Floatist’s presence at forthcoming leading industry events is a testament to its growing prominence. The company is excited to be representing at several upcoming shows, including the Biograd Yacht Show on the 24th of October. If you would like to book a meeting with Floatist, contact

Having already integrated with the popular booking system MMK Booking Manager, Floatist will be at the MMK summit (8th -10th November), where Cindy Allis will be a speaker at the event. The company is also scheduled to feature within the lineup of the Start-Up pavilion at METSTRADE (15th -17th November), where it will engage with industry leaders and stakeholders to accelerate the digitisation of the industry.

At the end of the year (6th - 8th December), Floatist will join the charter fleet operators, agents and suppliers at the International Charter Expo (ICE) held in Zagreb.

Future horizons

Looking to the future, Floatist has exciting plans on the horizon. The company has recently launched a new feature, the Global Equipment library - a culmination of extensive data collection efforts. The library offers templates to facilitate quick onboarding and maintaining checklists, catering to its rapidly growing customer base. This initiative aims to reduce manual aspects, further improving the client experience and make it easy for charter companies to get started with Floatist.

This growth journey is a testament to Floatist’s innovation and commitment to customer satisfaction. As the year draws to a close, the company’s impressive growth is set to continue, expanding its global footprint and enhancing the user experience.

“We are so proud to celebrate our extraordinary growth rate at Floatist. But this journey of growth is just the beginning of our aim to continue to disrupt the charter industry as we are driven to set new standards and form new partnerships, paving the way to a better future where the yacht charter experience is seamless.” - Cindy Allis.


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