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Flag Turbines set to revolutionise maritime wind power

Flag Turbines, a leader in renewable energy solutions, is poised to redefine wind power for the maritime industry with its revolutionary vertical-axis turbines. In a world increasingly focused on renewable energy, Flag Turbines offers a quieter, more efficient, and more accessible alternative to traditional wind turbines.

A New Approach to Wind Energy

While wind power has long been a key player in renewable energy, challenges such as noise and bulkiness in traditional turbines persist. Flag Turbines addresses these challenges head-on with its vertical-axis turbines. Constructed from standard materials without composites, the turbines feature simple anchoring points, making them easy to install, scalable, and durable. This innovative design offers a compact, easily maintained solution suitable for both rural and urban settings.

Aside from the vertical axis, the factors that set their product apart from other solutions that are currently available are;

  • A modular design suitable for various regional and environmental applications

  • 10 times more lightweight than traditional turbines

  • No use of advanced or rare earth materials

  • Easy to recycle

  • Unique patented technology and design

  • Safer for wildlife due to lower speed

  • Product Development Journey

The Flag Turbines team is led by CEO Maarten van Oeveren, an experienced mechanical engineer and business administrator with a background in leadership roles in the Dutch Special Forces. Chief Technical Officer Eric Caron brings extensive experience in mechanical design, while Senior Mechatronical Engineer Rob van de Pijpekamp and Senior Technical Purchaser Marijn de Ruijter contribute their expertise in engineering and supply chain management, respectively.

Beginning R&D in 2019, Flag Turbines started with a cardboard model and then developed rooftop and land models over the course of four years. Their initial models included a 3m high model designed for flat roofs and capable of withstanding extreme wind conditions with detachable blades. This was followed by a 6m tall land model turbine, designed for ground installation, also capable of withstanding extreme wind conditions.

Customer feedback revealed a need for more portable options, leading to the development of easily transportable models suitable for sailing yachts and other applications. The follow-up models include a mobile model available in three sizes: micro, standard, and large. This model, intended for mass production, requires low safety requirements, is portable, and easy to set up, providing critical power to lower power devices. The floating model, with a 1,56m diameter generator, counter-rotating turbines, and capable of autonomous power generation, will be the first stable floating wind turbine.

Market Recognition and Partnerships

Flag Turbines gained market recognition in Scotland in 2023 after showcasing the product at Foiling Week in Italy, an event dedicated to foiling technology. CEO Maarten Van Overen expresses gratitude to the organisers of Foiling Week for the opportunity to exhibit and highlights the shared technology between their turbines and foiling technology: “The opportunity to exhibit during Foiling Week 2023 led to our market introduction in Scotland and teaming up with Yachting Ventures at the Startup Pavilion at METSTRADE in 2023. Our turbines share the same technology, foiling is nothing else than smart flow distribution around a profiled wing.”

The company also partnered with Mariteam Shipyard, using the yacht marina in St Annaland as a test area for their turbines. Situated behind the iconic storm surge barrier of the Netherlands, the marina was an ideal location to test the product against the forces of nature.

Focus on Marine Industry Applications and Market Needs

Flag Turbines' focus on the marine industry is notable, with its turbines offering a silent, efficient, and user-friendly solution for customers living on their boats. This aligns with the company's mission to make wind power more accessible and sustainable for all. The need for their product in the market is clear, as supported by boaters Ed & Anita K, owners of S/Y Tholen: “Current wind turbines make a high pitch noise, and only generate power at high wind speed. Our solar panels don’t offer enough energy during the winter. We have searched the internet, but there is not a good solution available. We are absolutely looking forward to experiencing the performance of a large mobile flag turbine on our yacht.

Brett Lemon of Ocean Solutions International, echoes this notion: “We have many off grid power challenges, and currently no good addition to solar power is available. A flag turbine, some solar panels and a battery can provide continuous power in a limited space. We are looking forward to receiving the first commercial offerings.”

Similarly, Harry Hobma, Fire & Safety Specialist at Royal Huisman is excited at the prospect of the first flag turbines being commercially available: “We are always looking for options to offer higher energy sustainability and redundancy to our clients. Space is critical for yacht owners. The ease of integrating a flag turbine into the deck of a yacht is very interesting. It would be great to integrate a retractable flag turbine into a yacht’s deck and power system. I am enthusiastic about it, and can imagine several nice designs.”

A Filled Order Book

The launch at Foiling Week and subsequent exhibit at METSTRADE as part of the Start-Up Pavilion in 2023 was just the beginning, the company is already poised for rapid expansion. With plans to further target the marine industry, including sailing yachts, marinas, and off-grid applications, they are set to deliver their first turbine in March/April 2024, with a filled order book of 17 pilot turbines, to be delivered from March 2024 onwards, totaling €150k in sales value.

Speaking of the orders, Maarten comments: “We are extremely grateful for the trust and commitment that we received from our launching customers. The promise of Flag Turbines is sky high, and based on the results during the R&D trajectory we are confident that we can deliver on it, receiving the opportunity to demonstrate that in a commercial setting is a valuable step forward. The first models to hit the market are the mobile models 50-500W, deck models 1-5 kW and marina models 10-20 kW and floating models (4x25kW).

For more information Flag Turbines, please visit their website here:


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