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Elysian Yachts: Sustainability Meets Luxury in Electric Yachting

A new generation of electric yachts represents the perfect integration of environmentally conscious design with the pinnacle of luxury in seafaring vessels. 

Elysian Yachts is charting a brand new course for luxury experiences. The Singapore-based yacht builders are proud to present a pristine fleet of luxury electric yachts. These sustainable, smooth-sailing catamarans represent a revolutionary new vision for ocean exploration that combines cutting-edge technology with an environmentally conscious philosophy. 

When most people think of yachting, they don’t associate it with environmental responsibility. But Elysian Yachts aims to change that entirely by taking full advantage of the latest technological advancements and combining sustainability with opulence. Each electric yacht not only allows its owner to experience the finer things but also stands as a representation of the greater need for conservation and sustainability.  

What Makes Elysian Yachts Sustainable? 

Elysian Yachts aims to be the vessel of choice for sustainability enthusiasts passionate about preserving our planet's vital marine ecosystems. Cracking the code for combining sustainability and luxury was gradual, enabled by meticulous refinement and a wealth of insights from their esteemed early adopter network. This iterative process involved experimenting with various materials and equipment to attain an optimal balance in electric yachting. Their yachts feature highly efficient electric propulsion systems powered by solar panels that store energy in amplified energy storage facilities, as well as eco-friendly materials such as recycled wood, paper-based composites, bamboo and linen fibre that are naturally sourced for their durability and lightweight properties. 

What Makes Elysian Yachts Luxurious? 

The team behind Elysian Yachts are all avid yachters themselves, with the same perspective as their audience, they can intimately understand the quintessential elements essential for safety, autonomy, and boundless exploration of the ocean. Every model by Elysian Yachts is designed to be a floating work of art, a marine sanctuary where yacht owners can enjoy extended trips on their yachts without compromising on comfort and luxury as they embark on adventures that would create memories of a lifetime.  

Custom-built interiors mean no two yachts by Elysian Yachts will look the same. Instead, this visionary approach leads to bespoke spaces that are stunning to look at while retaining all the functionality and convenience that is expected in the latest generation of luxury yachts. Ocean living has never looked better or felt so good. 

Elysian Yachts’ Signature Features: Stylish, Sustainable, and Smart 

A commitment to exploring new frontiers in yacht design means Elysian Yachts has more to offer than just green design. By incorporating the latest blockchain technology, these yachts have set a new standard for transparency and accountability in boat ownership.  

Each Elysian Yacht is integrated with a smart contract stored on the Polygon blockchain. This innovative technology securely stores key information such as yacht specifications, owner details, servicing history, and mileage. The benefits of these smart contracts elevate the transparency of ownership, usage, and maintenance information. This not only fosters greater trust but also contributes to retaining greater resale value for the discerning owners of Elysian Yachts. 

In another display of Elysian Yachts’ future-forward vision, customers have the freedom to make payments in USD, SGD, or even cryptocurrency through authorised licensed remittance companies regulated in Singapore. This flexibility in payment options enables safe and secure transactions, providing peace of mind to Elysian Yachts’ buyers across the globe. 

Elysian Yachts: Redefining Oceanic Adventure 

Elysian Yachts’ range of models include: 

  • The EcoCat Series: A range of 55-foot electric yachts 

  • The Aqualux Series: A range of 72-foot electric yachts 

  • Custom-built designs: Elysian Yachts is happy to work with clients to custom design and build their dream vessel for a lifetime of exploration. 

Meet the Visionaries Behind Elysian Yachts

Elysian Yachts features a diverse team of key experts in the energy and shipbuilding space that is in tune with the latest technological advancements,  and are immensely passionate to take innovation, sustainability, and luxury in electric yachting to the next level.

Some of their notable team members include Yong Hee, a Maritime & Energy Expert with over 40 years of experience in implementing cutting-edge energy systems and providing professional marine consultancy. His wealth of knowledge ensures that their yachts are equipped with the most advanced and efficient energy solutions available. Chandra Ju, a Shipbuilding Expert with over 30 years of experience in shipbuilding and construction, both in private and government-related projects. His expertise ensures that every vessel meets the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

With their sights set on revolutionising the industry in Asia and setting a new standard for sustainable luxury at sea, their team is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in electric yachting.

Stay Ahead of the Wave 

Follow the latest updates and developments as Elysian Yachts continues to chart a course into the future of sustainable luxury and navigate toward new horizons in electric yachting. Be part of the evolution of oceanic exploration and sustainability. 


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