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Deckee launches equity crowdfunding campaign

Australian-made mobile app Deckee is inviting the public to share in the commercial success of the business with its equity crowdfunding campaign.

Used by over a quarter of a million boaters since launching just a few years ago, Deckee aims to help every boater – whether beginner or experienced – with the tools and information they need to be smarter, safer, and enjoy themselves on the water.

The free app has gained the official endorsement of state governments in NSW, Western Australia, Tasmania, along with the Boating Industry Association of Australia, thanks to its innovative safety benefits.

Deckee Founder and CEO Mike McKiernan said that demand for all things boating has accelerated over the past two years, which has created some unique safety challenges.

“With the span of magnificent coastline, harbours, bays, and rivers - Aussies are spoilt with options for enjoying time on the waterways and an increasing number of us are taking advantage of that,” said Mr McKiernan. “The problem is that boating can be very confusing, stressful and dangerous without adequate education and experience, and it’s only natural that many people will turn to apps on their phone for information and guidance.”

Deckee has partnered with state governments to help boaters use appropriate speed, be aware of weather and hazardous conditions, and follow navigation rules, with the aim to help boaters build their experience, be attentive out on the water, and keep proper lookout at all times.

With more than 85 per cent of the population living within 50km of the coast, it is estimated that more than 20 per cent of all Australians engage in some form of boating annually and that almost 1 in 5 households have a boat or watercraft.

To accelerate its impact on boating safety, Deckee has recently announced its Equity Crowdfunding campaign with leading platform Equitise, where everyday Aussies and boating enthusiasts can invest in the company for as little as $500 and become a shareholder in an Aussie success story.

“It is beyond exciting and fitting that the boating community we aim to help now has the opportunity to share in our business success,” said Mr McKiernan.

At the time of writing, on 28th September, Deckee had already raised $540K in the first week from over 140+ investors!


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