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Charter Itinerary continues to innovate with the launch of Yacht Listings, an MLS for charter professionals

Charter Itinerary (CI), a B2B SaaS platform playing a key role in the digitalisation of the yacht charter industry, continues to expand on its full-stack service offering with the launch of the CI MLS (Multiple Listing Service).

Despite having only launched back in 2021, Charter Itinerary has quickly earned the trust of major industry players and has continued to position itself as a market leader in charter management software for the B2B charter industry. 

Existing products and traction

First and foremost, the CI platform consolidates and streamlines the complex booking and management processes previously experienced by charter professionals and stakeholders involved in planning a charter. The young startup is essentially answering the pain points of every single broker and Captain globally, leveraging cutting-edge technology, interactive maps and advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver an unparalleled experience. 

CI currently offers a suite of existing products to replace antiquated documents and repetitive processes, including an itinerary creator tool which allows charter brokers to craft engaging itineraries tailored to clients' preferences. Other existing offerings include a Yacht Proposal Creator (allowing charter brokers to send clients a selection of available yachts during the initial stages of an enquiry), a Contract and Booking Manager tool, and a client space with an interactive dashboard that prioritises user experience. 

The platform currently has 1000s of users and has created 18000 itineraries. Major brokerage houses are using the CI platform daily, including Fraser Worldwide, IYC and Northrop & Johnson, to name a few. 

Taking things one step further

The CI team is now proud to announce the launch of their latest product Yacht Listings. Yacht Listings is a centralised platform where brokers and industry professionals can share detailed information about yachts available for charter. This collaborative database facilitates the efficient exchange of information, allowing approved brokerage houses to access a comprehensive inventory of yachts and connect charter brokers with charter managers’ available yachts for clients to charter.

Upon accessing the CI MLS, approved brokers can find a range of details about listed yachts to make better and informed decisions, including specifications, features, pricing, and images. This streamlines the yacht charter process, making it easier for industry professionals to match clients with yachts that meet their specific preferences and requirements. The goal is to enhance transparency and accessibility, ultimately benefiting both charter clients and yacht owners.

Key features of Yacht Listings include:

  • Comprehensive Yacht Database: Users can search through a database of crewed motor yachts, sail yachts, and catamarans provided by reputable Superyacht charter management companies across the world.

  • Legitimate Data Sourcing: Unlike some other MLS platforms, CI has sourced all yacht specs and images directly from Charter Managers, ensuring the authenticity and quality of the information.

  • User Empowerment: The new CI MLS is designed to empower users, not compete with them, providing a guarantee of quality, accurate information.

The Yacht Listings launch marks a significant step for CI as it evolves into a comprehensive charter platform, catering not only to brokers and captains but also to charter managers. With a commitment to data accuracy and privacy, CI has also implemented a vetting process for yachting companies to ensure the platform's integrity. Furthermore, CI is collaborating with yachting associations and industry leaders, including captains, charter brokers, charter managers, and yacht agents, to uphold correct practices and guidelines within the industry.

Commenting on the release of Yacht Listings, co-founder Candice Christiansen said, “Staying true to our commitment to progress, we remain dedicated to actively listening to our users and engaging with their needs. Through technology, we develop features aimed at enhancing user experience and advancing the industry as a whole.”

As CI continues to grow and innovate, Yacht Listings is poised to become more than just a yacht database. The startup is excited about the possibilities that lie ahead and invites charter professionals to join them on the journey.

For more information about CI, please visit their website here:


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