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Boatmate launches $1M bridge round

Boatmate aims to digitalize the recreational boating industry by creating the most inclusive, robust, and intelligent technology platform.

Boatmate is a two-sided platform that enables companies to open their digital businesses, and allows boaters to work with them on a location-basis. The startup is building a large-scale, inclusive platform designed to be a hub for shareholders of the blue economy.

Marine companies can launch their digital businesses on the platform with ease, which allows them to provide best-in-class mobile experiences to their existing customers, whilst simultaneously gaining new customers via the marketplace.

Boatmate has been in development for +1 year, and in a closed beta for the last 3 months. The platform is now ready to go public, with co-Founder and CEO Murat Gurhan explaining:

We were in a close beta in Turkey for the last three months. We have been dreaming big, but the results are beyond our expectations. Both I and my co-founder, Asim Gunes, have 15+ years of experience in the tech startup ecosystem. Even though we've been involved in many promising startups and projects before, this time it's different. When we talk about Boatmate, we see the light in the eyes of all boaters, industry leaders, and company managers. Without investing in marketing, 150+ SMBs, 15 large enterprises, and the largest industrial business associations have opened their digital businesses on Boatmate. We have also become a digital partner of the Bosphorus Boat Show that will start on the 11th of November. With this partnership, hundreds of brands will be able to exhibit at the digital boat show (open till the end of 2022). All these are promising results towards becoming an inclusive global platform that digitalizes the boating industry.”

Angel investor and co-founder of Heaventure, Erdem Yurdanur, explains, “Boatmate, on the one hand, digitalizes companies' sales and operations, and on the other hand, it enables them to take the customer experiences to a whole new level. It allows them to grow their businesses, and create a new income channel. The technology also levels the playing field, and provides equal opportunities for businesses. A young entrepreneur with a micro-enterprise, or a corporate company serving at an international level, can join Boatmate. Location-based algorithms list businesses in the location requested by the boater, according to distance and customer satisfaction. As a boat owner and marine enthusiast, I believe Boatmate will be the must-have platform for boaters and companies.”

Murat notes “We have big opportunities ahead. To keep momentum, we have launched a rolling base round and plan to complete it in the short-term. We will use this bridge fund to improve the scalability of the platform, gain more companies and boaters, and prepare for aggressive geographical expansion before the next summer boating season.”

Boatmate is a team of industry veterans, experienced sailors, and tech-savvies. The startup was accelerated by Newchip and raised investment from Heaventures at the beginning of 2022.

CAPITAL AT RISK. Investing in start-ups and early-stage companies involves risks, including illiquidity, lack of dividends, loss of investment and dilution. It should be done only as part of a diversified portfolio. There is no assurance that the investment objectives of any investment opportunity will be achieved or that the strategies and methods described herein will be successful. Investors are recommended to seek independent advice before committing or if they have any doubts as to the appropriateness or suitability of such an investment in relation to their specific circumstances.


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