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Boat Planet raises $1.2M seed funding led by 46 Venture Capital

Boat Planet is a marketplace that connects boat owners with marine professionals, streamlining the process of boat repairs and maintenance.

46 Venture Capital ("46VC") is excited to announce the successful closure of a pivotal seed funding round for Boat Planet, the leading marketplace revolutionizing the boat repair and maintenance industry.

The round was led by 46VC, with participation from Ascend Venture Capital and Quad 2 Capital. "We are very excited to have had the opportunity to lead the seed round for Boat Planet. Michael and his team have delivered amazing traction in a short period of time by executing a relentless focus on the needs of their customers," said Tracy Poole, Managing Partner of 46VC.

Boat Planet, a platform that simplifies the process of connecting boat owners with reliable marine professionals for repairs and maintenance, has quickly gained traction in the marine service industry. The company boasts a rapidly growing community of over 35,000 professionals across the nation.

Boat Planet's platform not only benefits boat owners but also supports marine professionals in marketing their services effectively in the digital landscape, helping them connect with potential customers. This innovative approach bridges the gap between boat owners seeking reliable services and marine professionals eager to offer their expertise.

This funding round will enable Boat Planet to continue enhancing the platform's features and expanding its reach across the nation. The company is laser-focused on onboarding even more boat professionals to ensure boaters everywhere can get jobs done more easily and enhance their boating experiences.

"We are thrilled to be working alongside a great group of investors who were all once operators and boaters on our journey to improve the boating experience. It's never an easy task to change the status quo, but we've assembled the perfect team to tackle this challenge. With the launch of our new platform this spring, the biggest headache in boating will soon be easier than docking your boat on a windy day," said Michael Kiel, Co-Founder of Boat Planet. 


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