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BlueNav to launch new smart navigation system at METSTRADE

The French startup, renowned for its pioneering solutions to simplify boat conversions to hybrid, is set to launch an exciting new development at this year’s METSTRADE show.

BlueNav is a leading innovator providing alternative propulsion solutions to the nautical industry. After experiencing significant success and growth, the startup has broadened its horizons and is excited to announce the launch of its cutting-edge smart navigation features, with Automation and Cruise Control capabilities.

BlueNav’s mission

BlueNav’s primary objective is to help bridge the transition to fully electric boating. By offering their innovative solution that simplifies and streamlines boat conversion to hybrid, the company is assisting boat owners and the maritime sector to embrace a more sustainable future.

The technology used, known as BlueSpin, introduces a rim-driven electric motor that seamlessly complements conventional combustion engines, making it suitable for a wide range of medium-sized boats spanning 8 to 15 meters long. This innovative system offers three integration options: it can be installed directly into the boat's hull or easily mounted under the hull or attached to the boat's transom, providing flexibility and simple installation options.

The rise in automation

As automation becomes a driving force in the maritime world, BlueNav is poised to be at the forefront with the launch of additional smart navigation technologies which complement their BlueSpin technology. The new smart navigation system, featuring Autopilot and Cruise Control, showcases its commitment to simplifying and transforming the boating experience for all.

“These smart tools are already being utilised within the automotive and maritime industry, so this is aligned with users' needs and expectations regarding usage. This is a good way to accompany them in the transition from the combustion world to the electric one.” - Hervé Frouin, Founder and Chief Technology Officer of BlueNav.

Advanced features

Replacing the complexities of manual steering, the intelligent system combining Autopilot and Cruise Control ensures that the boat maintains course and speed effortlessly, granting users full control over their chosen navigation, enabling a smoother and stress-free boating experience.

An integrated system

The BlueSpin technology comes with an intelligent interface that guides users. The Human-Machine Interface (HMI) provides real-time data analysis, offering Captain’s insights into energy consumption and performance optimisation. Key indicators such as Efficiency, Current and Drift are displayed with an intuitive colour code, providing instant feedback on environmental conditions.

“We use machine learning to automatically adapt to the hull and the boat’s inertia. A second step is to perform course keeping, as well as implementing automated obstacle avoidance.” - Hervé Frouin, Founder and Chief Technology Officer of BlueNav.

Future developments

These innovative navigation features will be integrated into the BlueNav HMI as of March next year. BlueNav’s commitment to delivering innovative solutions that make navigation simpler, safer and more enjoyable to enhance the overall boating experience remains at the forefront of their mission.

To meet BlueNav at METSTRADE, where they will be showcasing their vision for the future of smart navigation and sustainable boating, get in touch to book an appointment with them at


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