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Blue ESG and Cantiere Rossini announce collaboration

Blue ESG is a data driven ESG platform and consultancy driving decarbonisation of the superyacht industry.

Blue ESG and Cantiere Rossini, a full service refit shipyard in Pesaro, Italy, are excited to announce a new collaboration in taking further practical steps towards a more environmentally and socially responsible future.

Together, they are embarking on a project to understand and assess the impact of Cantiere Rossini's operations through a sustainability lens, laying the groundwork for effective operational management and future initiatives.

A core value of Cantiere Rossini is leadership driven by innovation and ethical practices, underpinning a broader vision for a more sustainable refit industry.

Espoused by CEO Stewart Parvin, initial discussions with Blue ESG around environmental stewardship and social responsibility evolved into a formal commitment to deliver a data driven ESG impact report to define key performance indicators and monitor progress.

Guided by the expertise of Blue ESG, the project will bring transparency to Cantiere Rossini’s environmental and social impact and highlight positive outcomes for their employees, the local community, and the wider superyacht industry.

Real changes need to be made in response to climate events in the Eastern Mediterranean, and all business owners must take urgent action to reduce the environmental impact of their organisations. Together, Blue ESG and Cantiere Rossini are leading the way in setting a course towards more sustainable and responsible operations for superyacht refits and the wider industry.


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