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Ankor Software launches ‘Trips’

Ankor is proud to launch ‘Trips’ as a software that produces captivatingly unique, flawlessly on-brand charter itineraries and proposals in just minutes.

After successfully launching in April 2022, Ankor’s platform was used by hundreds of Charter Brokers and Professionals in more than 15 countries, from the US, Mediterranean, Europe, the UK and Australia. However, Ankor discovered the Chartering community were being underserved.

"We spent over a year going to the world’s most prestigious boat shows – the Monaco Boat Show, PBIBS, the Cannes Yacht Festival, FLIBS, and MEDYS – and talking to brokers about their needs,” said Daniel Sim Lind, Chief Product Officer at Ankor. “They told us that existing software was clunky, slow, and made ugly or generic-looking itineraries and proposals. Stock templates and patched-together solutions can’t deliver a broker’s authentic brand experience. Their advice is the guiding light for this project.”

Trips was built featuring thousands of layout options, fully-flexible design tools, and a continuously updated library of content and images that combine to produce tailor-made, interactive and effortlessly shareable itineraries and proposals.

Create exquisite, bespoke, on-brand proposals at scale.

Trips simplifies the creation of true-to-brand itineraries and proposals. Users can use extensive suite of personalization options available in Ankor’s library of itineraries, content and images or start their own from scratch.

Trips then populates it with astonishing images, descriptions, interactive maps, and more. From there it’s customisable with a Broker’s brand colors, fonts, and logos in just a few clicks.

Effortlessly revise or reuse your most successful itineraries.

Everything a user makes in Trips is reusable, so if they’ve set up their proposal style just right they can send out a new version of an existing itinerary to a new prospective client.

When a user adds a special location to an itinerary’s route map, its photos and descriptions are saved for future use. They can easily duplicate and edit existing itineraries, so they have both versions at their fingertips. Best of all, anything a user artfully creates is for personal use.

“We’re thrilled that over 30 brokerages have already signed-up for Trips early access. Our international team sees Charter Professionals as the Sommeliers of the yachting world.” said Mike Sager, Co-CEO of Ankor. “A Sommelier helps you select the

perfect wine using their deep experience and understanding of their clients. A Charter Professional recommends a specific route, yachts and experiences based on the client's ultimate travel experience.”

Elliot Cousins, Co-CEO added “Both professions have a profound industry understanding and an extensive network built over years of experience. Trips empowers the community by allowing Brokers to focus on delivering expertise and not busy work, which means they can serve clients better while increasing their conversion rates and revenue."


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