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Ankor adds ‘Yachts’ to its innovative charter software

Ankor, the Australian-founded startup renowned for its advanced solutions, including YachtNoter, Design Studio and Yacht Showcase, has unveiled ‘Yachts’ - a game changing new feature to its flagship charter management software solution, ‘Trips’.

Following the launch and success of YachtNoter at the Cannes Yachting Festival in September, Ankor is further advancing its software solutions to cater to the evolving needs of the yachting industry.

Their latest offering, the addition of 'Yachts' to Trips, promises to introduce an entirely new dimension to charter software, revolutionising how yacht brokers craft and showcase yacht listings to their clientele.

A long-standing challenge

Answering the calls and challenges from brokers who have often been burdened with complex, time-consuming methods to present a yacht selection to clients, Ankor has introduced its updated software solution.

Prior to ‘Yachts,’ brokers had to use cumbersome processes to access and maintain the latest information about yachts, a time-consuming process that makes their work less efficient. The presentations created by brokers likely involved manual data entry, communication through various channels and the need to navigate through a multitude of sources to ensure the yacht information was accurate and current.

Today, ‘Yachts’ provides a significant improvement to these outdated methods. It streamlines the process, providing them with an efficient solution that enables them to effortlessly include up-to-date yacht information easily.

“Gone are the days of convoluted and time-consuming methods for researching, finding and presenting options to clients. With ‘Yachts’, we have successfully tackled this age-old challenge by streamlining the process and granting brokers instant access to the latest yacht information that can now be effortlessly integrated into presentations.”- Elliot Cousins, co-CEO of Ankor.

Innovative features

The company has leveraged the power of onboarding a smart, global team with fresh perspectives, continuously infusing the platform with new ideas. The recent addition of ‘Yachts’ marks a significant shift in how yacht options are now presented to clients, providing a more streamlined and user-friendly solution for brokers.

The update enables exclusive access to Ankor’s purpose-built yacht database, including over 7,000 charter yachts. This database now means Ankor has both the largest yacht charter database and the largest luxury location database in the world. Notably, this growing database is the same powering the newly launched app from Ankor, YachtNoter.

This extensive dataset includes essential information on each yacht, such as all relevant specification details of name, build year, size, speed, deck information and various image assets. It also incorporates pricing data through a built-in calculator, further streamlining the buying experience.

Collecting and maintaining such comprehensive data is paramount in making informed decisions and empowering brokers with the tools to match the individual preferences and unique requirements of each client.

Traditional presentations typically built on PowerPoint and outdated systems, often featured static images and descriptions, leaving room for imagination and interpretation. Consequently, creating such presentations is resource and time-intensive. Thanks to ‘Yachts’, this can become a thing of the past.

Brokers now have the flexibility to select and incorporate as many yachts from the database into their individual, bespoke ‘Trips’ presentation. Moreover, they now have the freedom to customise colours, fonts, branding, and other elements, ensuring each document aligns perfectly with the brokerage. This now allows for a more tailored and professional client experience.

A competitive edge

The integration of ‘Yachts’ into ‘Trips’ elevates the presentation capabilities of brokers, allowing them to showcase yachts in a more interactive and informative manner.

By adopting ‘Yachts’, brokers can enhance their professionalism, build client trust, and stand out in a competitive market. Clients will appreciate the ability to explore yachts in a more interactive and informative way, fostering confidence in their decisions.

“This addition of ‘Yachts’ empowers brokers to gain a competitive advantage in this rapidly evolving market. Brokers can now create presentations for clients from our extensive database within minutes. They can combine the 7,000+ yachts with more than 5,000 unique locations, all with bespoke descriptions and photos. ” - Mike Sager, co-CEO of Ankor.

Digitising the future

Ankor remains committed to ongoing software development and continually adding more to its database. “No other tool comes close to what ‘Yachts’ brings to the table. The entire industry has been eagerly waiting for this revolution in how yacht charter presentations are created, and we are so happy it’s finally here.” - Mike Sager.

Continuing with their mission to digitise the future, Ankor will present their solutions at the Innovation Hub during the Abu Dhabi International Boat Show (ADIBS), taking place from the 9th to the 12th of November. The Middle East’s yachting market is rapidly expanding, and Ankor will be at the forefront of providing its improved solutions.

This hub is set to showcase groundbreaking solutions geared toward a cleaner and greener future. In alignment with the Year of Sustainability, Ankor actively advocates for this CleanTech initiative, offering special discounts to electric boat manufacturers and supporting the NGO, Beneath the Waves.


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