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2024 Lineup Announced for Innovation Corner at Palma Superyacht Village

Yachting Ventures returns to the Palma Superyacht Village this April, with a new and improved Innovation Corner. This year's terrace will host 8 innovative startups, all poised to make a positive impact on the marine industry. 

The goal of the Innovation Corner is to spark critical discussions about the future of the marine industry while spotlighting cutting-edge technologies and products, designed to propel various aspects of yachting. From digitisation to sustainability and durability, the space serves as a nexus for exploring the future of yachting. 

In 2024, the lineup showcases a diverse range of companies, each offering unique solutions. Visitors exploring the Innovation Corner will encounter a variety of innovative ideas that are shaping the future of yachting. The Lineup Anchor Guardian

Anchor Guardian offers a new dimension of safety at sea by minimising the risk of anchor drag, providing predictions and triggering immediate alarms with sub-meter accuracy.

AirBuddy bridges the gap between snorkelling and SCUBA diving. The battery-powered floating hookah system supplies one or two divers with fresh surface air for about an hour. Just recharge the battery and dive. Clean Sea Solutions

Clean Sea Solutions was founded with the vision of creating commercially and environmentally sustainable tech solutions for waterfront areas. Their mission is to curb and prevent the influx of marine plastic waste into oceans, contributing to global ocean sustainability. Elvene

Elvene produces 100% solar-powered boats. With a love for open waters and centuries of boat building heritage, Elvene was founded on the idea to bring a fresh, environmentally friendly dimension to boating. Floatist

Floatist is a game-changing fleet and charter operations management platform designed specifically for yacht charter and yacht management companies. The comprehensive solution addresses operational pain points and empowers charter companies to deliver exceptional experiences to their charter customers while streamlining their internal processes. JetCycle

JetCycle is a French startup founded in 2020 that designs, manufactures and commercialises innovative and eco-friendly pedal boats for the water sports and marine leisure market with only one goal : Pedaling, Fitness, Flying on Water! SensarMarine

SensarMarine connects boats and boaters with reliable low-powered IoT technology. Designed to detect and track changes of all your boat’s critical systems, and visualize their status on your mobile phone.

Washdown was founded by ex-superyacht crew with a commitment to produce ethical products that protect the welfare of the user and the Ocean—without compromising on performance.

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