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Bring your business to the world.

We deliver growth directly aligned to your strategy and goals, whether that is diversifying your client base, bringing on board higher value clients, opening up new markets, reducing your reliance on a small number of larger clients or increasing your company value in preparation for sale or exit. 

We understand the challenges as a startup, and will help you build real relationships with the people you want to work with.

PR, Copywriting & Editorial

Our PR, copywriting and editorial support is designed to help build awareness of your brand & activities, and bring your company to the forefront of the leisure marine and yachting industries. 

We help startups reach out to target audiences globally, and boost their profile locally by tapping into our network of industry journalists and publications. We can also support with copywriting for websites and business brochures based on an initial conversation.


Social Media

We know that managing your social media accounts every day can be quite a handful. From thinking of strategy, content ideas, captions, posting and analysing reports to make sure you are on the right track - it can all become quite time-consuming and even draining.

We can take over your social media, as much or as little as you like, so you can focus more on the parts of your business where your time really counts. There are various packages available depending on budget and strategy.


Prices start at just £800/month.

Research, Strategy & Implementation

We work with startups to conduct in-depth market research, providing insights into top global opportunities that are aligned with the short and long-term priorities for the company, and clear directions and guidance to take advantage of these market opportunities.

Our team will develop a business strategy focusing on marketing, sales, partnerships and innovative solutions. We can also work alongside startup teams to help implement sales & marketing strategies, develop communication/PR efforts and improve your digital presence (including digital assets, website and social channels).

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Grow Your Startup

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