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Solving big business challenges.


We have worked out how corporates and startups should best engage, the benefits to both, and how to find, test, implement and scale the most appropriate solutions depending on the particular type of challenge.

By connecting entrepreneurs with corporates, investors and organisations around the globe, we can drive innovation and solve the industry's largest problems.

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We work with key industry events and boat shows, to help the organisers understand and support the startup world. We bring fresh perspective and energy, ensuring that your event stays relevant for the next generation, and attracts the right sponsors, speakers, exhibitors, corporates and investors. 

Working with us gives you unparalleled access to startups and key industry players in the leisure marine and yachting industries. We provide the very best talent, creativity and ideas.



The world is changing at a rapid rate. Want to invest in existing startups that are disrupting the leisure marine and yachting industries? We unlock new strategic opportunities for corporates by uncovering investable businesses that meet specific requirements and strategies.

We will leverage our established global network of startups to conduct the complex and time-consuming task of vetting and reviewing potential investment opportunities on your behalf.



No matter what your challenges, there are hundreds of startups out there, and it is inevitable that someone will have already started working on a solution to your problem.

Partnering with startups is a great way to solve key business challenges. We will work with you on your strategy and connect you with the best existing solutions from our global startup ecosystem. You can then implement and scale those that work.

Examples of who we
already work with

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Yachting Ventures did an incredible job of organising a pitching competition for us. They brought together a selection of high-quality ventures from across the globe, and invited investors to attend and judge the competition. It was a very dynamic and fun event that was well attended and added a tremendous amount of visibility & PR for our boat show.
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Roman Wroath

Founder at GALAXIA


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