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Connecting the dots

We've identified practical methods for corporates, startups, and scaleups to collaborate efficiently, uncovering and expanding appropriate solutions for various challenges.

By facilitating connections between entrepreneurs, global corporates, investors, and organizations, our aim is to stimulate innovation and address significant industry challenges. This collaborative approach is geared towards not just finding solutions but also driving progress and improvements within the industry at large.

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How we can help

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We partner with industry events and boat shows, helping the organizers understand and support innovation. Our fresh perspective keeps events relevant for the future and attracts the right sponsors, speakers, exhibitors, corporates and investors.

Working with us grants you unparalleled access to startups and scaleups in the leisure marine space, providing top talent and innovative ideas.

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In a rapidly evolving world, early-stage investments in startups can be vital for the success of large corporates. We identify investable businesses that align with specific requirements and goals, unlocking strategic opportunities for corporates.

We streamline the time-consuming process of evaluating potential opportunities on your behalf.

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Somebody, somwhere, will have already started working on a solution to your problem.

Collaborating with startups and scaleups is an excellent approach to tackle crucial business challenges. We'll assist you in developing your strategy and linking you with top solutions from our global network. You can then implement and scale the ones that work.

Our existing partnerships

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boot Düsseldorf
Palma (PIBS)
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Abu Dhabi (ADIBS)
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Yachting Ventures did an incredible job of organising a pitching competition for us. They brought together a selection of high-quality ventures from across the globe, and invited investors to attend and judge the competition. It was a very dynamic and fun event that was well attended and added a tremendous amount of visibility & PR for our boat show.
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Roman Wroath

Founder at GALAXIA


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