2022 Cohort

Meet the startups in our third cohort



Boatrax is a marine tech company offering a unique IoT platform connecting boat owners to their vessels in real-time. Integrating across marine networks, Boatrax addresses manufacturers, dealers, clubs and charter fleets, and existing boats with an efficient solution designed to make boats smarter and boat ownership easier.


Pumped Marine

Pumped Marine fabricate bespoke inflatable platforms for your yacht. We want to redefine how the world sees inflatables and set the bar for what on-water entertainment can be. A Taj Mahal themed beach club, or an elegant extension that mirrors the aesthetic of your yacht? Let your imagination decide - and we will make it real.

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SEAZONE is an End to End solution for yachts and crew daily operations.
All you need to manage your yacht and career in a simple, accessible space.
Manage yacht expenses, organize certifications, find crew or a yacht job, manage charters and yacht usage statistics, maintenance log and find quality suppliers or service providers. One Place. One Click.



Apexus is a members-only Yacht Club that enables its members to charter curated superyachts with one another through its app. Being the first of its kind, we are on a mission to make superyacht charters more accessible and adventurous than ever before.



Paper systems used onboard and onshore in the maritime industry are old and outdated. SeaLogs is a one-stop digital fleet management solution that improves safety, compliance and efficiencies by harnessing all the data recorded onboard - creating powerful reports and insight to grow and improve.

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We envision a world where the joy of being on the water safely is not an experience for the few, but for all. TWLV ("Twelve") is building the hardware and software system to make this vision a reality. We are bringing autonomous and EV propulsion to recreational boating both via licensing relationships with OEM partners, and directly to consumers through a new class of smarter, safer recreational boats.

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ShopSea is a global marketplace for shopping, services and support. We're building an app to make shopping at sea as hassle-free and easy to do as possible. Our goal is to connect anyone at sea with whatever they need, no matter where they are in the world.

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HY-Plug is a service provider offering market study to clients. The aim is to help them finding hydrogen or electric technologies to empower a yacht,
buy a durable boat or to get a refuelling system. Additionally, HY-Plug can contribute to find subventions or regulations alongside of these projects.


Optimized Onboard

Vessel inventory and service history, simplified. Optimized Onboard is working to build a platform of software solutions for professional crew and owner-operators. It will design services for repair history, paperwork digitalization, and inventory management in order to minimize costs and  facilitate organization onboard.

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Conscious Yachting Club

CYC provides insight, challenge, expertise and creative thinking to help Yacht Management Companies envision, plan, execute and communicate ‘Sustainability Strategies’ for their vessels and organisation. In doing so, we aim to drive performance, reduce risk, enhance transparency and propel identity.

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Water Adventures

Water Adventures is a digital platform for Yacht brokers and owners seeking to rent or lease their luxury electric water toy. Our clients enjoy their Yacht experience we take care of the indispensable maintenance hassle. Our goal is to create a worldwide platform and community for people to keep oceans clean in their yacht life!

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PICK UP THE FUTURE of Yacht Care with YotStik Carbon: Purpose built carbon fiber yacht wash tools that erase every pain-point associated with superyacht wash down. We are a Built By Crew 4 Crew brand. Helping fellow yacht crew lighten their workload is our focus. This focus paired with the resulting esthetic form factor has earned us rapid market share growth. Our coveted  gear is quickly becoming ubiquitous kit aboard the finest yachts around the world. WHAT’S ON YOUR YACHT?

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Octopus Design Studio

Octopus Design Studio is home to innovators and dreamers, content creators, and technology experts. Our team focuses exclusively on creating unique technology and content-driven entertainment experiences onboard superyachts. We assist owners and their project teams to be more ambitious, dream bigger, and create custom entertainment experiences and spaces that reflect an owner’s imagination and passions.

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Pulling-e Propulsion

We provide the missing design elements for sustainable vessel concepts. Our first product is a shaft line propulsion re-invented and optimized. Solution creates outstanding benefits that makes the electrical boat concept more attractive. From the tailor-made propulsion unit to the robust rock climber.

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BoatRx designs, distributes, and installs battery powered air conditioning systems for yachts of all sizes. Gone are the days of having to run a generator just to have air conditioning. BoatRx represents a new wave of thought leadership in marine power and climate systems, sculpting how to think about generating, storing, and consuming power aboard your vessel.