February 2021 Cohort

Meet the startups on our second cohort



Bout is a digital platform for maritime transportation, connecting people seeking adventures and boatrides with parties providing them through an easy-to-use app. Your ticket to the Seas.



BoatRadar is the 1st meta search engine in the yachting industry. We compare boat prices from multiple brokers and boat owners while matching them with appropriate flights. Our clients save money and time.



Transform your 3D design into high quality building packages for yacht and shipbuilding. Onepush offers the first and only online automated production preparation tool: fast, effortless, cost effective and customized.



Boatens helps to centralize the nautical industry in every aspect to smoothen the business process with technological innovation, making it more time and cost-efficient. We lead the way for every nautical business to digital adoption and create a one-stop-shop for all the nautical business needs.



WEYV.IO offers one unified approach for data management and data security, which paves the way for digital use cases across all technical domains on board a yacht.


HULA Wellness

HULA Wellness will help people maximize the potential of their natural body by making lasting improvements to their lifestyles and wellness. Our products will promote enjoying life to its fullest, helping you feel more confident and energised.

Virtual Pursers logo.jpg

Virtual Pursers

Virtual Pursers are the outsourced solution for Purser support. With a pool of professional Pursers at your fingertips, unlike an onboard Purser or your office administrator, we are your cost-effective, flexible, and dedicated solution without the onboard overheads. We are the Purser you will never lose.



Rangera is a next generation SUV centre console brand set to challenge the status quo of the recreational market currently dominated by expensive fish first brands in the 18- 40ft category.

With a product and brand DNA rooted in adventure & exploration and price point under $300k, Rangera aims to attract the next generation of boater and foster new entrants into the market with an accessible but aspirational brand in a time when the current average age of new buyers is increasing.

HF Logo Stand Alone Blue.png

Hefring Marine

Hefring Marine delivers intelligent navigation support that helps you to make the right operating decisions, plan in advance and monitor your vessel in real time to ensure that every trip is safe, comfortable and efficient. It logs all trips to keep track of when, how, by whom and in what conditions a vessel has been used. Hefring Marine helps to improve crew and passenger safety, avoid vessel and asset damage, and reduce fuel consumption and lifecycle costs.

Nikki Glenn logo.png

A Little Yacht Music

Want to genuinely connect with your guests, enhance their experience and deliver unparalleled elegance, all with ease? Using the power of music, we add experiential luxury, fun energy and an unforgettable experience to intimate events within the yacht industry.



Threatspan aims to bring cyber resilience to yachting through a myriad of ml monitoring sensors managed via Tridens: a single pane-of-glass SaaS interface for vessels/fleet risk visibility & monitoring. Its solutions enable users to reduce risk and improve safety onboard their superyachts, and have already have helped some of the world's largest maritime enterprises reduce their risk exposure—both onboard their vessels and off.



Boatcation allows Users from all over the world to connect and share the costs of a Boat Charter with other-like minded people. Through our tech-algorithm, we will bring together the right people with the right boat and open up the Boat Market to a much larger target Group through our attractive Price Model.



Planned maintenance for yachts made easy. Designed for marine Engineers, Captains and Owner/operators. Improves reliability, saves time, and creates transparency.

ZeroJet LOGO BLUE.png


ZeroJet was founded with the goal to replace 10,000 internal combustion outboards with electric propulsion within five years. Their unique electric jet propulsion system is half the weight of a traditional outboard motor, resulting in faster and lighter boats, while also creating a zero emissions alternative to standard motors.


Popin Parcel

With Popin Parcel we aim to eliminate the inconvenience of receiving parcels. A solution that will not only reduce the cost and time lost to yachting consumers, but also save staggering amounts of money for couriers and retailers alike.


L'esprit Cruises

L'esprit cruises will build and operate six, eco-friendly, totally electric powered, masted, super yachts designed exclusively for Day Cruise Market. All guests will embark and disembark by our own high speed Water Taxis. We will offer a one-of-a-kind excursion experience never before seen in the Caribbean.



At "sea access” we believe that everyone deserves the chance to create memories on the water. We are devoted to bringing full accessibility to you and your loved ones by providing adaptable and adjustable installations ready for yachts to ensure an easy and memorable experience. Our aim is to provide our services to both professional yachting companies and to our individual clients who wish to adapt their yachts to their needs.


Daroca Design

The philosophy of Daroca Design is based on a paradoxical determination "aim to strive beyond infinity". We are able to put this philosophy into practice in very single detail of our designs. Daroca Design fulfils all dreams by challenging the laws of the sea and creating yachts that are real masterpieces.

Jetée Logo.png

Jetée & Co

Jetée & Co is a digitised yacht management hub focused on a distinct purpose-built B2B yacht ownership programme for hotels and resorts, private charters and crew management in the Maldives.



We are providing a mobile app with tailored weather alerts for yacht owners and skippers, preventing dangerous situations, caused by severe weather.
Extreme weather conditions with huge financial damages are becoming ever more frequent. The problem we have identified is that the weather forecasts are not yet adequately used. We are processing that data into actionable insights and delivering them to the relevant users.



Navier is building the world’s first long range, electric, foiling, self-driving boat. We're looking to make waterborne transit affordable and accessible to all. Today, it costs 15x more to cover the same distance by boat than by car. The Navier boat levels the playing field by eliminating 90% of running costs, making it as cheap to travel on water as on land.